Malcolm Harker » Is New Zealand's foremost producer
of traditional herbal remedies. Unique in that they contain
freshly collected, native and exotic herbs, homegrown and wild ...


Helps to maintain the strength of the body's natural defence mechanisms. Supports the entire immune system and its functions

Contains: Echinacea, Thyme, Blue Flag, Comfrey Root, Irish Moss, Clove, plus a dozen other nutritive and strengthening herbs and seaweeds.

Urinecta: Benefits and strengthens the genito-urinary system. Helps maintain normal immunity processes and co-operates with the body's natural cleansing functions of tehse eliminatory organs.
Contains: Golden Seal, Golden Rod, Gorse flowering tips, Broom flowering tips, Golden Yarrow, Oak, three seaweeds and many other genito-specific herbs.

Lungelixir: Comforting general support for lung functions. Helps normal breathing processes.
Contains: Peppermint, Honeysuckle, Kumarahou and many other respiratory herbs.

Esense: Brain, memory elixir. Assists normal brain functions. Ideal for student study and cases of brain fatigue.
Contains: Clary Sage, Rosemary, Ginkgo, Kelp, Fucus, plus 10 other supportive herbs rich in brain-specific minerals and trace elements.

Eutherolsyrup: Benefits respiratory functions and supports body's normal immunity processes. A syrup ideal for young and old, especially babies.
Contains: Eucalypt, Peppermint, Menthol, Lemon, Golden Seal, plus 17 other respiratory herbs.

Ironecta: Rich iron-bound nutrition for blood and general constitution. Support for correct cell-blood-oxygen.
Contains:Blackberry Fruit, Oatstraw, yellow Dock, Golden Seal, three deep seaweeds, plus many other blood-iron mineral-rich herbs.

Thyronecta: Thyroid and Parathyroid support. Benefits normal hormonall processes. Aids in gland health and nutrition.
Contains: Kelp, Green Walnut, Vanilla, plus 12 other thyroid-specific herbs and seaweeds.

Generaltonic: An excellent constitutional health tonic to support all systems of the body. Creates a systemic cleanse to maintain normal healthy blood and skin. Taken as a daily course.
Contains: Manuka, Kumarahou, Yarrow, Broom, Wormwood. Over 30 herbs, seaweeds and nutritive principles.

Sedate: A natural syrup with calming and settling properties. Helps suport nervous integrity, nerve strength and calmness. Good for elderly, tired and irate people. An excellent 'babies' syrup during teething.
Contains: Catnip, Valerian, Oatstraw, Gypsywort, Kelp, plus several other herbs...

Prostate gland specific. Benefits toward normal prostate functions.
Contains: Kauri Gum, Myrrh, Cedar, Frankincense plus several other beneficial herbs and seaweeds

Formula 825:
Formula 825 creates a hostile environment for most parasites. Helps body's normal parasite defence mechanisms. Supports immunity responses. Tonic for digestive and assimilative functions.
Contains Quassia Bark, Wormwood, Wormseed, Green Walnut, Clove plus 11 other supportive herbs and seaweeds.

Formula 825 contains the three herbs recommended by Dr Hulda Clark in her now famous book "The Cure fo All Cancers".

Parasite expellant, immune system stimulant, tonic. Formula 825 contains Green Walnut, Wormwood and Cloves to get parasites, worms and flukes out of the body -alive! Already a New-Zealand wide remedy for regaining energy, immune strength, improved digestion and getting rid of internal parasites which are responsible for many common problems.

Strengthens liver and gallbladder functions. Supports the liver's normal blood-cleaning processes.
Contains: Golden Seal, Golden Yarrow, Yellow Broom, Ragwort, Golden Rod plus 15 other hepatic herbs and sea herbs

Glandular support. Benefical for the lymph system, endocrine network functions.
Contains: Bladderwrack, Manuka, Chickweed, Green Walnut, Echinacea, Golden Seal and 14 other prophylactic herbs and seaweeds

Support towards women's menstrual cycle and hormonal balance.
Contains:Golden Furze (Gorse), Golden Rod, Golden Broom, Motherwort, Yarrow, Oak, Golden Seal, Ragwort & 9 other ancient, beneficial herbs.

Supports immune system, blood expellant and nutrient tonic. Supports bodies normal defence mechanism. Creates a hostile environment for the Giardia parasite.
Contains: Garlic, Thistle, Clove and other herbs

I.C.P. Intestinal Correction Powder
Antacid, soothing, support for Correct Intestinal Processes. Helps maintain natural efficiency and condition of this system and digestive, eliminative functions.
Contains Licorice, Anise, Ginger, Rice etc.

For skin conditions use in combination with Generaltonic

Heart and arterial support syrup. Heart strengthening, H.B.P.
Contains: Hawthornberry, Motherwort and 16 other cardio-supportive herbs and seaweeds.

Joints and weight management and support for mobility and suppleness.
Contains: Sarsaparilla, Ginger Root, Willow, Cetraria and 22 other specific herbs and seaweeds.

O.S.R. Organ & System Regenerative:
Specifically for liver, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas and digestive system.
Contains: Chickweed, Golden Seal, Yellow Dock and 12 other beneficial herbs

Tonic for elderly, low energy, fatigue elixir.
Contains: Fenugreek, Golden Seal, Oatstraw, Deep-Sea herbs, Alfalfa, Oats and 18 other supportive herb and sea herbs.

Assists deeper respiratory processes. Addresses breathing extremes.
Contains: Elecampane, Lobelia, Alpine Manuka and 9 other supportive herbs. (Used successfully in Chicken Pox and Measles).

Assists in natural excretory functions and processes of waste elimination. Beneficial for digestive system.
Contains: Rhubarb Root, Culvers Root, Cascara, Fucus and 10 other helpful herbs.

Elixae Vitae:
Vital Elixir tonic for serious conditions. May be of service in intense cases.
Contains: Black Cohosh, Wild Cherry Bark, Clover Root, Golden Seal and 21 other helpful herbs.

Specific for speech, swallowing, salivation and other nerve response functions. Supports nervous integrity.
Contains: Prickly Ash Bark, Bladderwrack, Bayberry, Chrondrus and other herbs to assist the Autonomic and Sympathetic nerve networks.

NOTE: Best results are obtained using Formula 825 for at least one week before OR along with the tonic specific to your cause. The reason for this is that a cleansed body responds much more efficiently to the healing properties of the tonics than a body with internal vermin and their dead bodies and debris present in blood and organs