Proteus Software


Proteus software: details

Here's the current session programming interface for Proteus.  Nearly every aspect of the light/sound experience may be changed on a per-segment basis:  pulse rates (0-50 hz), the two color channels (Proteus ships with ruby/emerald glasses, but ruby/sapphire will be available January), which wave table, whether the sound is modulated or binaural, etc.  You can:  import, edit and save your own versions of the 50 programs delivered with Proteus; select, cut and paste groups of them to build large sessions quickly; organize and download them via the Session Manager; turn the LiteFrames and audio on and off, etc.  And you have memory for more than 2,000 segments!  Watch for our next complete operating system/software upgrade January 2001--it's free, and we're adding lots of new features. 


The Waveform Editor offers unprecedented flexibility in sound creation.  Proteus is the only light/sound system on the market today to offer such power.  Each of the four waveforms stored in Proteus consists of up to four harmonics, and each harmonic can be its own waveform.  Mix sine, square, sawtooth and triangle waveforms, and our unique waveform crossfading technology generates smooth, analog synth-like "sweeps" between waveforms at segment boundaries.  No more "beep and bleep" audio experiences!