Special Letter from Learning Strategies Corporation President Pete Bissonette on Natural Brilliance

"How to successfully overcome any challenge ... at will"

After 20 years of study, we've discovered what we
believe to be the real secret to "happiness and
achievement," but it cannot be described in a headline
so please read this letter carefully


I have to teach you something in this letter. Once you understand it, you have a key that Paul Scheele and I guarantee will change your life. It could lead to mega-transformation and mega-success. It is so simple and brain friendly that results are automatic. We stake the 17-year reputation of our company, Learning Strategies Corporation, in it. We implore you to study this letter.

Dear Friend,

You know what you have to do to achieve your goals. I don’t have to tell you. You’ve probably read the self-help books, listened to the tapes, and attended the seminars.

If only there was something to "activate" everything you already know so that you can overcome any challenge and achieve those goals.

Paul Scheele, principle developer of our programs, figured out what stops you, and he figured out how to activate all the good stuff you already know so you can achieve your goals. And, it doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight, earn more income, enjoy a fulfilling relationship, or bring in true peace of mind.

Now, review every instance in your life when you faced a challenge and successfully overcame it. If we study those events, we could create a model for what we professionals call "effective experiential learning." That is, a model of success you could use to create success whenever you wanted.

After decades of work, Paul Scheele discovered that everyone’s "model of success" is the same. Mine, yours, the person’s across the street. We all use our brains in the same way to successfully overcome challenges, no matter what the challenge.

And, when we studied how people fail, we discovered another consistent pattern that always produced "stuck states." (Let’s define "stuck states" as the inability to learn or make progress.)

Again, we fail at something because of a pattern we all run. Like the "model of success," everyone’s "model of failure" is the same.

Here’s the spectacular news: your "model of success" is the key to breaking the "model of failure." Using the "model of success" to break the "model of failure" is the real secret to happiness and achievement, no matter what you want.

Does part of you want to push forward and succeed while another part wants to pull back and not risk failing?

That’s the tug-of-war between your "model of success" and your "model of failure." You need to be able to use your "model of success" at will.

No one has taught you this "model of success" ... until now

Now the best part: to use the "model of success" is simple, so simple that it was right under the noses of self-development professionals for generations. Paul’s insight created a new approach that is startlingly easy for anyone to use.

This breakthrough discovery came after Paul applied his expertise in learning and human development to study a complex problem for Dr. Susan Lark, world-renowned self-help expert and client of Learning Strategies Corporation. He tested his work and developed a powerful way to help others achieve fantastic results. After two years of additional work he wrote the book and developed a magnificent new tape program called Natural Brilliance.

When you break free of "model of failure," you release your personal genius. You feel euphoric as your natural brilliance shines through. Some of our customers have said that others think they look different after releasing their Natural Brilliance—the change is that complete.

How the "model of failure" works in your life

I’ve listed several instances where the "model of failure" takes over. Do any of these ring true for you:

• You go from one relationship to another, and you keep getting the same type of person. Or, you keep making the same mistakes with your spouse.

• You buy books but don’t read them.

• You are in the same position at work as a couple of years ago, and you feel you should have advanced by now.

• You’ve wanted to buy a house, but this is the third year of "wanting," and you are still in your apartment.

• You attend seminars but don’t apply what you learn.

• Credit card debt keeps mounting. Your holiday bills won’t be paid until July.

• You are in your sixth year of college getting your 4-year degree.

• You can’t stop eating sweets or maybe your exercise equipment looks as good as new.

• You’ve gone two years without a vacation.

• Your retirement account is meager.

• Your garage is messy, your toilet needs cleaning, or your kitchen shelf paper is disgusting.

• Your garden produces spindly plants.

• Another Christmas passed without baking your grandma’s fruitcake.

You know what you have to do, but for some reason you don’t do it. The "model of failure" freezes your potential for achievement and it creates problems like those above. The Natural Brilliance "model of success" resolves problems you have not been able to conquer, because it releases your potential. When not frozen by the "model of failure" the "model of success" operates automatically.

Someone took your genius away - reclaim it now

Buckminster Fuller wrote, "All children are born geniuses. 9,999 out of every 10,000 are swiftly, inadvertently, degeniused by grown-ups."

You were born with magnificent resources to live a life of Natural Brilliance. As a child all you knew was the "model of success"—that’s why you were so happy and why you made others so happy. But people inadvertently put stop signs in front of you and stopped the flow of genius. They taught you the "model of failure." Your parents, teachers, friends, co-workers, television shows, and soon your own-self talk limited you. Friend, pull out these stop signs and let your genius soar. You are greater than you know.

By now you realize Natural Brilliance is not repackaged, self-help advice from the past. It is new. It is a breakthrough so powerful that it can transform your life with achievement-generating power. Paul and I are thrilled to share it with you.

As you may know, Paul Scheele has already developed programs that have earned him respect among peers worldwide. These programs include the PhotoReading whole mind system, Paraliminal learning sessions, and Accelements for schools. Natural Brilliance is also a fresh approach, a true breakthrough that allows you to find, release, and use the genius you already have within.

Here are four examples from our own family. The first two are bittersweet for Paul and me, because they involve two valued employees leaving our nest for new heights.

* Steve Murray, a customer of ours for nine years and a customer service employee for three, accepted a position he had dreamed about.

* Susan Savvas Hadjiyanis, another longtime customer and employee of five years, who worked at Paul’s side while developing Natural Brilliance, was hired as Director of Training for another company. (Way to go Susan!)

* Lynette Ayres, a 14-year customer and an accomplished PhotoReading instructor, has recently had tremendous success securing new corporate PhotoReading classes. Her success is almost unbelievable.

* Chris Payne, managing director of Life Tools in the U.K., the world’s largest distributor of our PhotoReading self-study course, gave up 35 years of bachelorhood on January 4 to a wonderful woman named Catherine. (Best wishes Chris!)

These four successful individuals freely and enthusiastically attribute their accomplishments to Natural Brilliance. You see, Natural Brilliance helped them break their "model of failure" whenever it kicked in and use their "model of success" at will.

Paul and I have used this "model of success" to run Learning Strategies Corporation. For the first18 months we doubled our profitability—and that is even with two great employees leaving. If you run a business or a department, if you supervise others or lead any group, can you imagine the new heights you can attain when you use the Natural Brilliance "model of success?"

The Natural Brilliance "model of success" compels you to do your best work (it is impossible not to!)

As a fellow human, you no doubt shine in parts of your life and not in others. You may be justly proud of yourself as a businessman, yet not as a father. You may see yourself as a talented artist, yet a bean-scorching cook. You may have confidence in yourself as a skilled craftsman, yet not as a public speaker.

Can you see how the "model of success" and the "model of failure" operate in different parts of your life? Can you imagine what can happen when the "model of success" operates throughout!

Just like Angie Michael, of Falls Church, Virginia. She’s become "a Martha Stewart of self-help." After learning Natural Brilliance she effortlessly implemented any self-help strategy she desired. Natural Brilliance allowed her to move freely from feeling stuck to achieving success.

How to use the Natural Brilliance "model of success" at will

Get Paul’s new Natural Brilliance Personal Learning Course. It comes with 12 sessions on 6 audiotapes with a 48-page guide. Paul explains the "model of success" and guides you through exercises in half of the sessions. The other half are Paraliminal learning sessions designed to direct the unlimited resources of your subconscious mind to use the "model of success" at will.

Paul has made it easy for you to break the "model of failure" in your life. All you have to do is buy it today, listen to the tapes, and marshal your inner power. You automatically will learn to use your "model of success" everyday.

And, when you need help, call us for free coaching. We are here to support your purchase and your life.

Will next year bring you more of the same old thing?

Now is the time to do something. There has to be something important enough for you to use your "model of success" at will. What is it?

Are you looking for a new career? Better relations with your parents? Do you want to tackle an addition on your home? Or, a luscious garden? Or, how about a long, exotic vacation? A new or revitalized relationship?


Do you want excitement? joyousness? peace? How about starting a business? Or, going to a reunion?

Resolve to bring in that which makes life satisfying and rewarding. Resolve to let your "model of success" make everything finally come together for you.

Who will win your tug-of-war?

If you are intrigued, order today. If you don’t buy it, your "model of failure" wins the latest round of tug-of-war.

For your personal best,

Pete Bissonette

P.S. - Paul and I truly want you to be free of the "model of failure" that holds you back from achieving what you want, even if it is as simple as getting around to doing a 5-minute job that you’ve been putting off for months. Natural Brilliance will realign and refocus your mental processes so you jump into action, so your "model of success" operates automatically.

Order the Natural Brilliance Personal Learning Course today.