27 questions to measure how close you are to having an ideal mindset for success

Do you already have the ideal mindset, a solid foundation to accomplish all of your hopes and dreams? Some people do. Check the questions below that could have a "yes" for an answer. If you've answered "yes" to less than 5 questions, then you are close to the ideal mindset. If 5 or more questions were answered with a "yes," you will absolutely find benefit in the Ideal Mindset Personal Learning Course, because you have more to accomplish.

G_box.gif (59 bytes) Have you ever stepped up to an opportunity but lacked the follow through to take advantage of it?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you have thoughts that make you feel less than great about yourself'?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Have you ever longed for earlier times?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you have goals but wonder if they are right for you?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Are there any future situations you are dreading?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you hear yourself complaining about the way things are?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you feel hemmed in by circumstances?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you feel a lack or limitation of some kind?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you obsess about tests, worry about taxes, fret over home repairs, loose sleep over projects?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Does your energy drain during projects?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you sometimes wake up tired and listless or delay getting out of bed?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you know what to do but you hear yourself making excuses?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you waiver on your commitments or hesitate to take action even though you know it is time?
mindset copy.jpg (38934 bytes)
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you ever find yourself dwelling excessively on the "good ol' days" or on pleasant memories?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you have patterns of negative behaviors?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you dislike the way things are?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you have bouts of feeling down on yourself?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you ever lose patience with your inability to accomplish objectives?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Have you ever proclaimed a weakness by finishing the sentence, "I can't
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you feel incapable of changing something?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Have you ever had a recurring memory or dream that haunts you?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you feel guilt, shame, or unrealistic expectations?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you fall short of your potential?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Are you dissatisfied with the quality of your life?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Do you have busy day, week, month, or year ahead?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Wouldn't it be great if you could feel as if everyday were a celebration?
G_box.gif (59 bytes) Are you uncertain about your future?

The 8 tapes of your Ideal Mindset Personal Learning Course contains 9 coaching sessions and 7 Paraliminal & Personal Celebration sessions designed to guide your inner mind. The 48-page manual provides additional coaching, background information, and sheets to map your progress.

Here's your opportunity to make sure that your life is on solid ground as you train your brain to create the results you want in just 8 days.

Day 1 - Set Goals
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Clarify your goals and objectives
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Plan a path for success
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Keep yourself on track to accomplishment
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Build cognitive and emotional strength.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Capture the best from your background,
Find the best ways and means for accomplishing your goals.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Finish each subsequent listening session refreshed, balanced, and motivated, a good starting place for taking action on any goal

Day 2 - Take Charge
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Take charge of your life to create the future you desire.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Release limitations that have kept you on shaky ground.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Discover greater serendipity, more spontaneous positive experiences, arising during your day.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Release unresolved emotional issues that have tethered you to feelings of failure
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Train your brain to create the results you want.
Increase emotional freedom and problem solving capabilities.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Envision the future you desire.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Release debilitating mental habits of replaying negative memories.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Choose what you mentally rehearse.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Develop the important mental talents of gifted learners.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Project positive choices into your imagined possible future scenarios.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Enjoy intuitive guidance, showing how you can respond effectively to situations.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Learn from the past to create a future that is right for you.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Free yourself of binds that tie you to unproductive feelings and behaviors.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Learn from past mistakes to not repeat them.

Day 3 - Direct Energies
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Develop inner peace and harmony.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Build a consciousness of prosperity.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Change habitual words and actions to reap riches.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Focus your mind on what you desire to create, and automatically draft a new blueprint for the life you want.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Attract the opportunities and resources you need to attain your goals.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Replace fear and anxiety about the future with clear choice and deep conviction.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Fade negative beliefs about lack of time, energy, and money.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Discover optimism and confidence as you achieve goals.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Live more fully in the present moment.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Wake up refreshed and rested.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Deeply communicate your specific desires so that the powerful resources of your mind, body, and spirit align for your success.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Change negative mental programming.


"Life is too precious to leave personal growth to chance." What Paul Scheele said years ago holds true today. Ideal Mindset is for people unwilling to wait for the lottery. "This is my life, and I will make it the best."

Days 4 & 5 - Project Strength
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Channel the vast energies of your emotions in ways that motivate and guide success.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Use the mind's remarkable talent of foresight to attain your goals.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Overcome self-imposed hindrances to success.
Increase your intelligent use of emotion and thought to accomplish goals.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Flood yourself with an instant enthusiasm, positive expectation, and personal power.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Break free from past limitations of worry and hesitation.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Step boldly forward to claim your goals.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Express the full range of your abilities in any situation where you want to perform optimally.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Take necessary risks for the attainment of goals with greater safety, security, and self confidence.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Achieve more with less stress, greater ease, and more joy.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Feel strength when making decisions.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Effectively confront self-defeating behaviors.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Remove past fears or anxieties.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Master the positive use of the imagination to attain your goals.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Increase the likelihood of success.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Direct your energy toward enhanced performance.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Train your brain to be your greatest ally in the accomplishment of your goals.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Overcome emotional bottlenecks that have kept you stuck.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Make progress on big goals you have only dreamed about.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Discover the return of true self-esteem.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Direct your emotional energies for self betterment instead of self-destruction.

Days, 6 & 7 -Beliefs
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Establish powerful self-enhancing beliefs in your capabilities that propel you to the successes you desire.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Rewrite self-limiting beliefs.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Release the emotional binds that have been the basis for your results up until now.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Ensure your self-fulfilling prophesies reflect what you want in life.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Encourage your imagination to accomplish your dreams.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Change outdated, limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in old ineffective patterns.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Gain control, self-esteem, and new emotional freedom from the past.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Create a future that differs tremendously from the past.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Boost your power to create what you want.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Accelerate your progress to success when starting a new job, new class at school, a project, or relationship.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Act in ways consistent with the belief you want to establish.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Discover your true capabilities, ones you never dreamed possible until now.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Think with flexibility, personal power, and confidence to accomplish your goals.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Adjust to the shifting demands of the moment.

Day 8 - Celebrate the new You
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Affirm your existence as significant and worthwhile.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Move into your future the way you want to be, regardless of past negative messages.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Express the person you decide to BE.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Feel great about who you are, about your life, your future,-or whatever else you want to celebrate.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Create greater trust in yourself.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Receive support from others more easily.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Celebrate today to prepare for a bright tomorrow.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Integrate all the work you have done with the Ideal Mindset Personal Learning Course.
Blue_box.gif (59 bytes) Put your intentions to work for you as the session sends you into your world to live life to the fullest.