Sally Fisher Answers the Questions, Dispels the Myths And Charts a Path for Renewal and Self - Discovery.
Sally teaches and lectures extensively and has authored two books, Life Mastery and Burn out. She is a pioneer in the field of personal growth, self- empowerment and health care.

BURNOUT Prevention and Recovery
Sally Fisher delves deeply into the cause of Burnout. She offers practical alternatives and immediate steps to get your life back on track. A guided meditation transports you to the depth of your being where insight, inspiration and solutions are revealed... to help create a happy, healthy life.

ISBN :- 1-881451-43-7
60 minute cassette

SPIRITUALITY Sight and Meditation
Thought-provoking insights stimulate and encourage you to create your own Spirituality, one that is perfect for you. Theta brain wave frequencies, beautiful music and a guided meditation awaken a deep sense of reverence and self-love, opening life to new and enriching possibilities.

ISBN: 1-881451-44-5
60 minute cassette

SEXUALITY Celebration and Discovery
Sally Fisher dispels the myth that Sexuality is separate from our spiritual nature. She discusses how to express your sexual energy with responsibility, integrity and passion. Guided on a path of celebration and self-discovery, your sensuality awakens and your heart opens to the deepest experience of love.

ISBN: 1-881451-46-1
60 minute cassette