Zapper Mind-Programming

The powerful “Zapper” mind technology combined with audible suggestions. Use the CD three different ways: 1) Be mentally programmed in your home or office while sitting down and doing other things such as working at a computer or reading. 2) Use it as closed-eye meditative programming. 3) Use it as sleep programming. Simply listen as you go to sleep.

Quietness of Spirit Zapper
Some of the Spoken Suggestions

You detach from worldly pressures and retreat into a harmonious space. You reject pressure. A quietness of spirit permeates your body and mind. It does. You accept this. Your mind is like calm water and the Universe supports your needs. You feel peaceful, balanced and harmonious. You experience tranquillity. You carry this feeling with you throughout your days. You choose a calm and peaceful viewpoint. You accept all the warmth and joy in life, while detaching from negativity. Detach. You give up the need of approval and control. You do. You are physically relaxed and emotionally at ease—at peace with yourself and your circumstances. You view life as a tranquil oneness. More.

................. RBZ105


Marketing & Promotion Zapper
Some of the Spoken Suggestions

From this moment on you focus great amounts of energy upon marketing. You enjoy marketing and promotion. The more you market, the more successful you become. You accept this. You’re extremely creative in the way you advertise and promote your offerings. You generate volumes of positive publicity. Your promotional efforts generate abundant demand. You take advantage of creative promotional opportunities. You constantly come up with creative new ways to attract clients and buyers. You think big about getting the word out. You now become extremely successful. You recognize and grasp opportunities. You market your way to new levels of success. More.

........................ RBZ110


Overkill Zapper
The Ultimate Altered State of Consciousness

The Zapper alone will put you into an eyes-open or eyes-closed altered state of consciousness, but this CD also includes a verbal body relaxation and induction—Dick’s standard, “deeper, deeper, deeper, down, down, down” induction. Then you’ll hear only the consciousness-altering Zapper mind-electronics sounds until the end of the session when Dick awakens you with positive suggestions. Use the time to come up with answers, ideas, awareness or simply blank your mind and await flashes of insight. You can also give yourself mind-programming suggestions and visualize mental movies to create your own reality. 74-minutes.

........................ RBZ111


Reverse-Aging Zapper
Some of the Spoken Suggestions

Every day you feel more youthful and enthusiastic. You now unleash the youthful vigor that lies within. You choose to live a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise. You are excited about life and you feel vigorous. You are as young as you feel and every day you feel younger. You now recapture your youthful vigor and enthusiasm. Every day you think more positively. You really feel good. What you think you are creates your reality. You detach from stress and allow it to flow through you without affecting you. You no longer resist what you cannot change. You now eliminate all excess in your life. You balance your life and your life works. You now act younger and you feel younger. You breathe deeply, purposely consuming more oxygen. You exercise your brain by keeping it active with reading, pastimes and hobbies. You nourish your relationships. More.

........................ RBZ112


Happiness Zapper
Some of the Spoken Suggestions

Happiness is yours for the asking. You embrace challenge and find joy in the resulting aliveness. You make the time to do things that are satisfying and enjoyable. Every day in every way you love yourself more and more. You are self-confident and self-reliant. You find joy in simple things. You give love and you are open and receptive to receiving love. You monitor your thoughts and turn negative into positive thoughts. Without resistance, you now accept the things you cannot change. You choose to live one day at a time. You accept others as they are without expecting them to change. Negativity flows through you without affecting you. You now view problems only as opportunities. You maintain a regular exercise program. You act to create a diverse and fulfilling life. You know that you can change yourself in any way you desire. More.

........................ RBZ113


Relationship Zapper
Some of the Spoken Suggestions

You now mentally detach from an ending relationship. You detach from negativity. You detach from the conflicts and painful memories. You do. You accept this. It works for you to let goto release your emotions and move on. Let go. Move on. Detach. Detach. Detach. From this moment on you experience a great sense of mental release. You have the power and ability to release the past and move into a promising new future. And that’s what you do. Every day in every way you release the past a little more .... a little more ... until there are no longer any emotions attached to the relationship. No more emotions. You now move on and mentally let go. You feel optimistic and confident about your future. You don’t care anymore. You now feel self-assured. Peaceful. You detach. It works for you. The relationship is no longer a concern. Release the past. More.

........................ RBZ115


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