Thunderbird Writer's Tapes

A Complete Line of Hypnosis Mind-Programming for Professional Writers By Dick Sutphen

Dick Sutphen's fiction and non-fiction books have been published by Simon & Schuster Pocket Books, McGraw Hill, W.H. Allen (London), Spine-Tingling Press, and other companies. His ten poetry books were distributed by Crown Publishing. Working with top advertising agencies, he has written award-winning ads and direct-marketing copy for some of the nation's largest corporations. He has also written and illustrated cartoons for major men's magazine and created hundreds of Hallmark contempory cards.

For theWriter's Tapes, Sutphen combined his understanding of writing with his mind-programming expertise, to create superior transformational tools. They've been successfully used by thousands of people in the past, and are now being re-released. Using a tape regularly will provide motivation to improve your craft and become more successful.

The Cassette Tape Format
30-Minutes Per Side

Side Ais hypnosis and/or sleep programming. To use the tape as hypnosis, simply lie down, breathe deeply for a couple minutes, then turn on your tape player. Dick's soothing voice guides you through a total body relaxation, before counting you down into a peaceful altered state of consciousness. You'll hear suggestions phrased for maximum subconscious access, and you'll participate in a mantra technique and visualizations. Post-conditioning follows (use it while writing when you need a mental  boost).

To use the A side as sleep programming, simply listen as you fall asleep. At the end of the tape, you're given the choice to either awaken or drift off into a peaceful, natural sleep.

Side Bcontains subliminal suggestions hidden behind relaxing New Age music. Listen as you drive or write: your subconscious mind perceives the messages without resistance from your conscious mind.

You Don't Have To Believe

It's not necessary to believe the tapes will work in order for them to work. Properly programmed, your brain will accept the suggestions as new beliefs. It takes about 21 days for mind-programming to begin to generate change. But keep using the tapes regularly, because the more use them the more effective they are. Once the suggestions are accepted, your subconscious mind begins to subtly generate circumstances to align your inner beliefs and outer realty.

Each tape is packaged in a plastic cassette case with a colorful insert. The subliminal suggestions are printed on the back of the insert. Maybe it's time to find out what your subconscious mind can do to support your creativity and level of success.

The CD/Tape Titles



Create Captivating Ideas

Create Captivating Ideas CD: CDW103

This program uses ultra powerful altered-state techniques to program your mind to easily generate creative, marketable writing ideas. Directs you to allow ideas to emerge from your Higher Mind, and to focus your energy upon your writing. Post-conditioning provides support when needed.


A Nonfiction Book

A Non-Fiction Book CD: CDW106

Suggestions that your writing carry a powerful sense of authority. Communicate your thesis objectively. Convince readers that you know what you're talking about, that you can be trusted, etc. Also, programming for inspiration and monetary success. Plus much, much more.


Lucrative Editorial Features

Lucrative Editorial Articles CD: CDW107

Make money writing articles. Programs you to be more aware of marketable potentials. You're directed to easily generate ideas, which you then successfully market. Self-confidence and determination are stressed, plus suggestions to focus your energy. Post-programming key-phrase for support. More.


Revision & Rewriting

Revision & Rewriting CD: CDW108

Powerful programming to improve your writing. Revise, rewrite and edit every word that doesn't enhance your creative output. You're directed to write for a unified tone and style, and to catch all incorrect usage and improper grammar. Suggestions to provide smooth transitions, and much more.


Get Your Book Published

Get Your Book Published CD: CDW109

Research shows that 15 percent of success is based on talent, and 85 percent on attitude and determination. Programming suggestions and visualizations to attract a publisher, to believe in yourself and in your book, and to dedicate your energy to your goal. Your subconscious mind can help you get published.


Write Award-Winning Poetry

Writing Poetry CD: CDW114

This mind-programming directs you to draw upon your awareness and deepest emotions to inspire poetic expressions that will touch your readers. You're directed to focus your energy on your creative goals and refine your poetic style. Plus strong suggestions to obtain recognition and success.


Songwriter Programming

Writing & Selling Songs CD: CDW115

Powerful suggestions remind you of the basic requirements of popular songwriting and reinforces your confidence in your ability to write songs that sell. Suggestions help you focus on writing lyrics people will remember and identify with, and music that communicates mood and message.


Effective Business Writing

Effective Business Writing CD: CDW116

Become an effective communicator, organizing your material and focusing your presentation to make your points. You're encouraged to concentrate your energy, and to target your business writing to help you accomplish your specific goals. Power programming to improve your ability to communicate with words.


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