Probe 7

Mind Programming From The Future

Unavailable for five years, our most unique “do-it-yourself, Brain-Washing” programs are back as CDs: The Probe 7 series is not for everyone, but those that loved them, swore by their incredible effectiveness. Surprisingly, in the past, when few men orders from us, these programs were always their favorites. We figured this was because Dick created them as an assertive, in-your-face mind-programming series.

Today, as many men as women order from us, and there is seldom a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask if the can still get a Probe 7 title.

Here’s the story: The unique “Hemi-Pentonic,” technique combines 3-D sounds and effects to relax you and synchronize both brain hemispheres. There is no verbal induction, but follow-response, cycle-per-second effects generate an eyes-open, light-level altered state in which your subconscious mind is receptive to the suggestions. (Don’t use the program while driving or doing anything requiring real concentration.) 

You’ll hear about 30 seconds of “paced” suggestions, followed by 60 seconds of 3-D effects, then more suggestions ... over and over. Dick’s voice sounds a bit like “Big Brother” in a space movie. The suggestions you hear spoken are also embedded as subliminals behind the 3-D effects to increase the life-changing power. Use headphones to get the full mind-blowing effect of the process. It won’t increase the effectiveness but it’s sure a lot of fun. You’ll feel like you’re listening to the future ... and in a way you are. The CD is programming the future you desire to live.


Smoke No More

You have the self discipline to stop smoking. You do. You quit. You accept this. Yes. You lose all desire. .............................



Learning Acceleration

You instantly comprehend complicated data. You focus your con-centration at will. You learn fast. Accelerate. .........



Strengthen Self-Confidence

Every day you become more self-confident. You accept this. You know this. Yes. You are sure of yourself. ..........



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