Past-Life Journeys
 on CD
By Dick Sutphen

Past-Life Regression CDs

Past-Life Regressions: Vol. I
Lemuria & Atlantis

Track I: Past-Life Regression to a Lemuria Incarnation --Lemuria predates Atlantis as a metaphysically-oriented civilization that once existed in the South Pacific. Those drawn to New Age ideas tend to have experienced meaningful incarnations on Mu. This regression uses unique techniques to assist you in triggering memories. Chakra-balancing induction.

Track II:Past-Life Regression to an Atlantis Incarnation --Almost everyone living today has experienced incarnations on the lost continent of Atlantis. You’ll explore important aspects of each incarnation you tap into, plus you’ll learn how the crystals were used, transportation, levitation, and much more, including an opportunity to ask your own questions. Chakra-balancing induction.

Past-Life Regressions: Vol. I



Past-Life Regressions: Vol. II

Life Most Affecting Your Present Life & Egyptian Lifetime

Track I: Past-Life Regression to the Life Most Affecting Your Present Live --Of all the lives you’ve ever lived, there is one incarnation that is influencing your current life, more than any other. This hypnotic regression uses a chakra-balancing induction, explores key events, and allows time to ask your own questions.

Track II: Past-Life Regression to an Egyptian Incarnation --Those oriented to the New Age today, have also experienced lifetimes in Egypt. You’ll explore key areas of your past life and the historic period, plus explore on your own for several minutes.

Past-Life Regressions: Vol. II

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