Love Life Psychic Reading CD

Dick Sutphen’s
Psychic Reading CD

As with psychic-symbol systems, such as the I-Ching or Tarot, this CD can provide a sincere seeker with valuable psychic information. There are 99 messages -- all written by Dick Sutphen. Simon and Schuster Pocket Books calls Dick, “America’s Foremost Psychic Researcher.” You’ll be amazed how accurately the messages you receive will relate to your situation.


Imagine yourself surrounded with a protective white light. Ask a sincere question relating to your love life, relationship or lack of a relationship. Then to obtain an answer, simply punch your CD tracking button at random and stop when an inner voice tells you to (different brands of CD players offer different ways to access higher numbers). The message you will hear is your answer or advice related to your answer.

Do this two more times. The next two messages explain contributing factors, or offer further guidance.

Further instructions and a pre-session invocation can be found inside.

Tracks: 1. Instructions. 2-99. Individual messages.

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