Chakra Link

The Chakra-Link
As an exploration and therapeutic technique
By Dick Sutphen

NOTE: This article relates to Dick's new Chakra-Link 74-Minute Course on CD, which includes teachings and two altered-state sessions to explore the concept with another person, or via remote linking.

The chakra-link technique was born out of research I conducted in the 1970s at my Hypnosis Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. The first breakthrough came while trying to increase the success rate of telepathic sending and receiving between two people. I found that when I had them both visualize a chakra connection their telepathic abilities increased dramatically. The connection was a matter of both people vividly imagining the proper chakra color as an intense light arching up, out and over to connect their crown, brow, throat, and heart chakras. This led to other psychic experiments, and eventually to linking two people as part of relationship-counseling sessions.

When couples came to me for counseling, I’d usually direct hypnotic regressions to find the source of the conflict. Ninety-five percent of the time, the real problem began in a previous incarnation -- often an unresolved past-life conflict between the two people. Or the problem was rooted in a fear-based emotion from a traumatic past experience in the current life or a past life.

The couples would lie down, side by side, holding hands, ideally cupping a crystal between their clasped hands. I had them do deep breathing then directed a complete body relaxation before saying, “You’re now going to visualize a connection taking place between the crown chakras of spirituality on the top your heads. Visualize and intense violet light emanating from the top of your head ... imagine this light. Create it with the unlimited power of your mind. An intense, shimmering, iridescent violet light arching out, up and over to connect your crown chakra to the crown chakra of your partner.” I’d then pause for them to make the connection. Then I would say, “And the connection is now complete. And it’s time to visualize the next chakra connection.”

And this process continued with their third-eye, brow chakras and a blue-violet visualization ... then the throat chakra and a silvery-blue light ... and the heart chakra, visualized as a golden glow.

Once the chakra connections were made, I’d deepen the altered state of consciousness and direct one of the partners to go back to a past situation which was affecting the current conflict. The other partner was directed to mentally tag along as an observer. And in almost every case, one person began to relive a situation from an earlier time in the present life, or something that happened in a past life. At the same time, their partner mentally observed the incidents and usually experienced any emotions associated with the event.

Next, I’d regress the observer ... and the person who had already experienced regression now tagged along as an observer. When we found a life they both had shared, they always knew it. This would allow us to explore the conflict from differing perspectives ... allowing each partner to walk a mile in the other person’s moccasins, so to speak.

So you can better understand the kind of awareness a chakra-link can bring to the surface, I’ll provide some case histories:

Case History: James & Kathy

James and Kathy were in their early thirties, married a few years, and not getting along. Kathy was frustrated with James because he wouldn’t accept promotions that would also increase his salary. They fought constantly about money. James resented Kathy telling him what to do and he resented what he called her “money-grubbing” attitude. In regression, we discovered that the primary lifetime influencing James took place in 19th century England. He was a soldier, and shortly after he accepted a promotion, he was responsible for leading his men into a battle in which most were killed. For the rest of that life, he was filled with guilt and remorse, regretting having ever accepted the promotion that put him in a leadership position.

Through the chakra-link, Kathy tagged along as an observer of this past incarnation. She felt his anguish and for the first time could relate to his inner conflicts about accepting a promotion. At the same time, this was an example of false-fear karma, and James needed to understand that the past-life incident in a time of war, really didn’t relate to his current life as a sales executive.

In regressing Kathy, she experienced an Irish incarnation during the famine. She barely had enough food to keep her and her two children alive. She dreamed of having money, which would allow her to rise above her misery. James mentally tagged along on her regression and started crying when he directly experienced her anguish over never having enough. Upon awakening, Kathy had to face the fact that her desire for more money was the result of an old fear of literally starving to death.

We also found a lineage of lifetimes James and Kathy shared. In one they were married but in reversed male/females roles. In another, they were soldiers -- comrades in arms. Once, James was Kathy’s child. In these previous unions, they didn’t always get along, but obviously, over the centuries, love continued to bring them back together for a new opportunity to learn and grow.

Case History: Chad & Irene

Chad and Irene attended one of the week-long retreats my wife Tara and I conduct once or twice a year in Lake Arrowhead, California. As part of the retreat, I conduct a private counseling or regression session and Tara does a psychic reading. My wife had worked with Chad and Irene’s astrology ahead of time and had already tapped into them psychically. Tara told me they were not getting along and were probably attending the retreat as a last resort to try to save their marriage.

As it worked out, I talked them into sharing the private counseling session, so we’d have twice as much time, and as part of the session, I directed a major chakra-link exploration. Although Chad and Irene were dealing with many issues, the primary conflict seemed to center upon the fact that Chad was an artist who was trying to make a name for himself. He painted night and day and did everything within his power to attract the interest of art gallery owners. But he wasn’t making much money. Irene was the breadwinner and as she said, “I’m just getting sick and tired of being the one who has to support us both.”

In the chakra link regressions, we found many past-life incidents that appeared to be influencing the present life, but one directly related to the current situation. In eighteenth century Argentina, Chad and Irene were sisters. When the girls were sixteen, a plague spread across the land. Their parents died and Irene was so weakened, she spent most of her life thereafter in bed. Chad, the healthy sister in that lifetime, accepted the responsibility of taking care of her sickly sister. Forgoing any chance for a life of her own, for 28 years, she worked 20-hour days to keep a roof over their heads and food in their mouths.

Both Chad and Irene experienced the linked regression -- each from their own perspective -- each accepting the reality of what happened over 200 years ago. In this life, on a deep subconscious level, Chad feels that Irene owes him this opportunity. Irene feels the obligation but is frustrated by the situation, just as Chad, the healthy sister in the past, was frustrated by the responsibility. This case is a perfect example of cause and effect or karma in action.

Case History: Eugene & David

Eugene and David had been living together five years when I conducted a past-life regression with David. He wanted to know why he was excessively jealous of Eugene.

“I have no reason not to trust him,” David said, shaking his head. “But when we go to a party and Eugene spends time talking to another guy, my heart starts to race. His enjoyment of a simple conversation can generate this deep-seated fear in me. I try to contain it, but my fear often comes out in the form of bitchy comments about the other guy. Eugene resents it and an argument often ensues.”

David looked at the floor, hesitated, then blurted out, “My jealousy is really undermining the relationship.”

I conducted a back-to-the-cause past-life regression session with David -- directing him to go back to the source of his excessive jealousy. (Note: this basic session is part of Dick’s Past-Life Therapy 74-Minute Course on CD -- RB103-$20) In regression, David relived a Canadian lifetime in which his wife left him for another man. Two months later, he maneuvered an opportunity to be alone with his wife and nearly beat her to death.

He was arrested, tried and sent to prison, where eight years he was beaten by another prisoner and died of internal bleeding. Before awakening David, I directed an intense forgiveness process. The woman who was his wife in the past life did not seem to be involved with him in the current incarnation. But David forgave her. He forgave the prisoner who beat him, and he forgave himself. Then I awakened him and we discussed the situation.

“When your partner left you in the past, you experienced great emotional pain and reacted violently, resulting in the living hell of prison,” I said. “Today, you’re not consciously aware, but on an unconscious level you feel, ‘If he leaves me I’ll experience terrible emotional pain. And maybe I’ll react violently again, which will generate more pain.’”

“My subconscious mind remembers?” David asked.

“Everything. Every thought word and deed from every lifetime. It’s our past programming that creates who we are today -- our ‘false self’. You’re not the fear, David. The fear is the old programming. But the purpose of karma is to learn, not to punish. Your test, this time around, is to remain in control even if the worst were to happen. But in finding the cause, I think you’ll be able to begin to let go of the effect in the present. Whenever you feel the slightest jealousy, tell yourself, ‘I know the cause and I release the effect. I am confident and secure.”

After David explained the regression to his lover, Eugene wanted to experience his own past lives. I suggested that they come together and as part of Eugene’s session, I would conduct a chakra-link.

Again, I regressed David back to the Canadian incarnation. Eugene went along as the observer. When it was over, Eugene was sobbing. He knew first hand, the source of David’s excessive jealousy and vowed to be more understanding. With both partners working to resolve the fear-based emotional response, I knew they had greatly increased their chances of resolving the problem and remaining together.

Remote Linking

A one-sided, but very effective chakra link, can also be conducted by one person in an altered state of consciousness imagining the colors connecting to another person at a distant location. This is really enhanced telepathy -- enhanced by the chakra-link. (Discussed in more detail in the course.)

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Dick's CHAKRA-LINK 74-Minute Course on CD includes talks, a "Conditioning & Testing Meditation,” a discussion of chakra properties as preparation for the main session, and the "Chakra-Link Meditation."