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Chakra Link

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74-Minute Course With
Two Altered-State Sessions

Dick Sutphen teaches you how to mentally chakra-link with another person to perceive what they’re seeing and feeling ... and to allow the other person to perceive your visions and emotions. (The course is structured for two people -- students, friends or lovers -- to work together, but it also teaches remote-linking.) Go into the altered-state, sitting or lying side-by-side. Following a body relaxation, the chakra-link is invoked. “Conditioning & Testing?explores telepathy, plus a quick past-life regression. Each person tags along to observe the other’s incarnation. The second session is a full “Chakra-Link Meditation?in which you’ll explore on your own: Separate past lives, shared past lives, healing, sex (chakra-linked sex is incredible), psychic perception, remote viewing, etc. You’ll also learn about the potentials of chakra regeneration.

Tracks: 1. Chakra-Link Introduction. 2. Altered-State Preparation. 3. Conditioning & Testing Meditation. 4. Preparation for Chakra-Link Meditation. 5. Chakra-Link Meditation.

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