Scientific Evidence As To Why Hypnosis, Video & Sleep Programming Work

If You Don't Believe It Will Work... It Will Work Anyway!
Think of your brainwave in Alpha or Theta as piece of chewing gum stretched out. It gets thin and easily breaks apart if hit with new programming. When your brain reorganizes itself, it Integrates the new Information. In other words it accepts the new idea. The more it hears the programming, the more it will accept the idea as reality.

According to leading edge physics research, the use of altered states of consciousness (hypnosis, meditation, sleep programming) can lead to a transformation of nearly every part of your life. Physics chemist llya Prigogine proved this with his Nobel Prize winning "Theory of Dissipative Structures." Now confirmed by experts, this theory has solved the mystery of why the use of altered states can result in life- changing insights, new behavioral patterns, and the relief of lifelong phobias or ailments. Here's how the theory works:

First, you must understand that human beings are structures. The structure of your body is composed of bone, muscle, ligaments. Your brain, however, is given structure by the thoughts and memories that dictate your actions. Your mental programming (all your past thoughts, actions, experiences and learning) provides your brain structure. Prigogine's theory states that complex structures (such as the human brain) require an enormous and consistent flow of energy to maintain their structure. In the brain, that energy is measured as brainwave levels on an EEG machine. The up-and-down pattern of brainwave levels reflects a fluctuation of energy to the brain. The larger the brainwave levels, the larger the fluctuation of energy.

When you are fully awake (in Beta consciousness), your brainwave levels would show up on an EEG graph as small, rapid, up-and-down lines (diagram 1). There is little fluctuation in the level of energy.

1) The small fluctuations of energy offered by Beta rhythms are suppressed by the brain. They are compact and allow little new programming to enter.

When you alter your state of consciousness with hypnosis, meditation, or as happens naturally when you are crossing over into sleep, your brainwave levels shift to Alpha or Theta (diagram 2). In these altered states, there is a large fluctuation in the level of energy .

2) Alpha or Theta rhythms offer large fluctuations of energy

According to Prigogine, large fluctuations of energy can cause the structure to break apart and reorganize itself into an even more complex and higher form. That's why suggestions given to an individual exploring in Alpha or Theta are so effective in creative change. The new suggestion, dropped into the uneven Alpha rhythms like a pebble in a pond, creates a ripple effect through the stretched brainwaves, tearing apart old programming and creating new behaviors and viewpoints.

This is not possible while you are fully - awake in Beta, for the small fluctuations of energy are suppressed by the brain. They are tight and compact and cannot be torn apart easily. If you are going to use hypnosis or sleep programming to create positive change in your life, it is not necessary to believe it will work for it to work. If properly programmed in an altered state, your brain will accept the programming as reality. It may take a few days, weeks or even months, but your subconscious will do everything within its power to match your outer reality with the new inner belief.

According to Prigogine's theory, there's also an added bonus: each transformation makes the next one likelier! Carried to its logical conclusion, every time you successfully use an altered state of consciousness to solve a problem, program a new ability or achieve insights, you increase your chance of success the next time.

That's when the miracles begin. And that explains the unbelievably high "repeat customer ratio" of Valley of the Sun tape buyers. People try one tape and it works. They are thrilled and order another and another and another. :


Everyone is already familiar with hypnosis, although they may not realize it. You pass through these altered states of consciousness at least twice a day, as you awaken in the morning and as you fall asleep at night. Brain researchers and medical practitioners have divided brainwave activity into these four levels, based on cycles-per-second of activity.
Beta: Full consciousness
Alpha: Falling asleep at night
Awakening in the morning
Theta: Early stages of sleep
Deep hypnosis
Deep meditation
Delta: Full sleep to deepest sleep

Alpha, Theta and Delta are all considered altered states of consciousness, and it is to these altered states that hypnosis takes you. For most, hypnosis is a mid-Alpha range activity. In this stage, you will definitely be hypnotized, but you will also remain fully aware of all that is going on around you. Taped hypnosis sessions are a perfectly safe technique that can benefit anyone. It is a way to focus your full attention on one thing, directly communicating with your subconscious mind. You are then open to suggestion and positive change in your life.