Screenshots of the NeuroProgrammer 2 in action.

Session Playing
Audio/Visual Session List
Session Editing - Copy / Paste Nodes
Text-To-Speech Tool
(Hypnosis) Script Editing
Microphone Recording Tool / Noise Reduction and Amplification
Exporting Session to WAV (For CD burning)
Documentation (Relaxation Guide)
NLP Test Results
Brainwave Training Session List
Session Editor - Adding Track
Editing Background Track Node
Script Track Options
Session Editor - Scaling / Pattern Duplication
Choosing from Built-In Backgrounds
Session Recommendation Wizard
Noise Track Options
Tone Options (Binaural, Monaural, Isochronic)
Session Editing
Session End Options
Customizing Volume / Intensities
Session Play Screen
Background Sound Track Options (Crossfade, etc)
Session Customization Screen