One of the most sophisticated pieces of counter surveillance equipment available today. This unit detects any transmitter in the range of 1 to 2,000 MHz. The built-in signal breaker when activated will disrupt all transmitters by generating an impossible-to-filter "white-noise". Lastly, the unit will detect RF Taps, Series Taps, Parallel Taps, Line Impedance Taps, as well as extension party listening.

P-5046 Pen Activated Recorder

This attractive micro recorder allows you to discreetly record your conversations by utilizing an innovative built-in pen activated switch. Recording begins by simply removing the pen which allows for one to keep the unit discreetly in one's pocket or bag. To stop recording simply place the pen in the convenient holder. The recorder features two-speed operation which provides up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted recording time per side of a microcassette. Switchable voice-control mode permits elimination of silent periods on the tape for even more efficient use of the tape. An external microphone jack allows the connection of remote microphones. The unit is constructed using a sturdy mechanism and will provide years of use.