Paraliminal Recordings are unlike anything you have experienced

Imagine this...

         You will hear one voice in one ear speaking to one part of your brain, while another voice in the other ear speaks to a different part of the brain. Very unusual, very pleasurable, and very effective.

You will hear Paul R. Scheele, cofounder of Learning Strategies Corporation, skillfully guide your mind so that you get the results you want.

         Paraliminal recordings increase your personal power by activating your "whole mind" with a precise blend of music and words. Each session is carefully scripted by Paul, trained in neuro-linguistic programming, whole mind learning, and preconscious processing, to give you the best CD for your investment.

         Special “Holosync” audio tones, developed by Centerpointe Research Institute, are embedded in the recordings so that you automatically enter the ideal brain state for relaxation and learning.

         State-of-the-art digital recording produces a soothing 3-D sound that allows music and voices to project spatially in your head. Truly, nothing else gets results like a Paraliminal CD.

Holosync Audio Technology

Holosync audio tones, which you might hear as a hum, have been embedded in the recordings of the 22 individual Paraliminal CDs to increase your ability to benefit and learn from these Paraliminal sessions.

Centerpointe Research Institute's Holosync audio technology, when listened to with stereo headphones, creates the electrical brain wave patterns of many desirable states. These states include deep meditation, increased creativity, focus and concentration, and accelerated learning ability.

Using Holosync creates new neural pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres, balancing the brain, enhancing mental/emotional health, improving mental functioning and self-awareness, and healing unresolved emotional problems.

Holosync on the Paraliminals are Alpha and Theta level entrainments that do not directly correspond to "levels" of the Centerpointe Research Institute program.

Paraliminals that are part of other personal learning courses are not embedded with Holosync.

For more information on how you can use Holosync to accelerate mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, visit

Holosync is a trademark of Centerpointe Research Institute and the technology is licensed by Learning Strategies Corporation.

Listening to Paraliminal sessions

Unlike subliminals, you do not have to listen to Paraliminal learning sessions repeatedly. Each comes with instructions. Some programs will require multiple listenings over a week or two, and others will just require one listening.

They average 20 minutes, so you do not have to spend a lot of time to make changes you desire.

You can listen to multiple sessions each day. Give yourself at least a 20-minute break between sessions.

To get the full effect, we recommend using stereo headphones.

Do not listen to Paraliminals while driving.

The CDs average 20 minutes in length. Spend only a little time with them to make the changes you desire. Each CD comes with a 20-page booklet. To get the full effect, use stereo headphones. Do not listen to Paraliminals when driving.

Length of Paraliminal sessions

To make it easier to find time to work on maximizing your potential, we have tried to keep Paraliminal sessions to twenty minutes or less.

Title - Session A (minutes:seconds) - Session B

Anxiety-Free - 18:36 - 18:25

Automatic Pilot - 15:38 - 18:54

Belief - 22:08 - 18:50

Dream Play - 18:24 - 18:03

Deep Relaxation - 35:53

Get Around To It - 20:56 - 20:59

Holiday Cheer - 16:05

Ideal Weight - 18:58 - 19:45

Instantaneous Personal Magnetism - 25:04

Memory Supercharger - 17:45

New Behavior Generator - 22:32 - 23:40

New History Generator - 28:44 - 21:56

New Option Generator - 17:12 - 15:45

Personal Genius - 15:26

Perfect Health - 20:28

Positive Relationships - 17:07 - 16:34

Prosperity - 18:56

Sales Leap - 21:44

Self-Esteem Supercharger - 20:04

Smoke-Free - 19:25 - 17:39

10-Minute Supercharger - 10:30

Youthful Vitality - 20:04

Using Paraliminals with other programs

Paraliminal learning sessions complement most other audio/video programs available and can be used with other programs to enhance results.


Paraliminal learning sessions are designed for people ages 13 and above.

Follow these guidelines for younger children:

1) Children have a short attention span, so the following shorter CDs are generally best: 10-Minute Supercharger, Memory Supercharger, Personal Genius, and Self-Esteem Supercharger.

2) While we generally recommend listening to Paraliminal sessions with stereo headphones, children may prefer listening through speakers. Headphones are a safety concern for younger children.

Sound & Light machines

Owners of Sound & Light machines report enhanced benefits when using Paraliminal learning sessions. Select a “learning” program of a length similar to the Paraliminal learning session.

If you use the Paraliminal CDs enhanced with Holosync audio technology, do not use the "sound" feature of your Sound & Light machine.

Hearing problems

Listeners who have problems with hearing can still receive benefit from Paraliminal learning sessions, even if you have hearing in only one ear.