NEW AGE MUSIC (part 1)

2 Kinds of New Age Music from Vally of the Sun
Available on Cassettes and Compact Discs
(CDs only available on some titles)
Valley of the Sun New Age Musicis labeled either Progressive or Inner-Harmony so those not familiar with the artists will understand better what they can expect, and choose music to fit their personal listening tastes.
Progressive Music: Mellow yet high energy music, usually combining acoustical and electronic instruments-a combination of relaxing jazz and synthesizer effects. Stimulating without being distracting, it usually has a central theme around which the music revolves.
Inner-Harmony Music: Gentle, flowing, sustained environmental music without tension or resolve that has been scientifically proven to produce dramatic changes in consciousness. It is ideal for altered-state-of-consciousness work.

CHAKRA DANGE by Malcolm Stern.
A magnificent musical journey through the seven energy centers of the body. Guitars, keyboards, saxophone, bass, percussion, and vocals create a magical and inspiring listening experience with rhythms for improvised dance, and a powerful musical meditation/affirmation for refreshing and re-energizing body, mind and spirit.

SOULMATE SUITE by Steven Cueper
Is a soothing inner harmony musical journey through the pure essence of love into the harmonious union of two perfectly balanced souls. This is the ideal music for lovers: blissful, inspiring music composed of synthesizers, ethereal voices, delicate bells and light strings. Relax and let the music carry you away on the wings of love.

TEMPLE IN THE FOREST by David Naegele.
Inner-harmony music that captures the peaceful meditative environment of a beautiful forest. A temple bell sound is combined with an "OM" vibration and the sounds of forest birds and a gently flowing stream. Acoustic grand piano, synthesizer, electric piano and natural effects produce soothing environmental music.

INNER VISTAS by Gentle Wind & Rain
Is soothing Native American flute and synthesizer music that will bring peace to your soul. The compositions are titled "Shadows of Sedona," "Astral Dreams," "Indian Summer," and others. This is improvised inner-harmony music that is ideal for massage, meditations or as soothing background music for a relaxing environment.