Healing Music by Marcey

Pretty Picture Recovering from a debilitating automobile accident changed Marcey Hamm's life, putting her in touch with energies and sources of inspiration she had never before experienced. Soon after her recovery she went into her home studio to record some meditation music for a friend.

"All of a sudden I felt like someone had pulled the planet from beneath me and I was falling continuously for 30 minutes. I remember very little of actually composing the music," Marcey admits. "I never heard it, but I could feel it deep inside of me as if it were in my cells - I became the music."

She first put this music before the public at a Dallas metaphysical fair where she offered the public a chance to hear it through headphones. Her first potential customer turned white as a sheet when he heard the music. "Young lady, I want you to know that several years ago I had a heart attack in the hospital and was pronounced dead for 16 minutes. While I was dead, I left my body and went through a tunnel of light. The music I heard towards the end of the tunnel was the same music you were playing on those headphones."

In the months that followed, Marcey began hearing from people who were reporting sudden, almost miraculous, spontaneous feelings of well-being while listening to her tape. The outpouring of response inspired her to return to her own deepest level of consciousness and to the recording studio. Her music comes from "a place of love," she says. "Life exists because of a Sound Current. This music is a vehicle (for) furthering spiritual growth."

Marcey Titles are available on CD.

Celestial Dance An inspiration to soul, created to bring the Child of Creativity out to play, and welcome him or her to stay playful. Musical passages from the China Rainforest plus Marcey's own singing. 90 minutes.


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Happiness is the theme of this album. Life's challenges are easier when you are happy within yourself. Maitreya transposes you to find that priceless happiness.