Acoustic Brain Research

Tom Kenyon

People keep telling us how much they love Tom Kenyon's powerful, innovative, meticulously produced tapes. On them you hear a rich combination of psychoacoustic techniques, with music, words and sound patterns "tuned" to stimulate the mind in precisely designed ways-ranging from states of profound relaxation and emotional openness to deeply intuitive "twilight" states, to energetic mental clarity and brightness.

Homage to Sol
Beautiful repetitive tempos for guitar, flute and cello. Based on the discoveries of the Lozanov Institute, this beautiful and restful music opens new vistas of serenity.

Rest & Relaxation
For busy people who don't always get the rest they need, this tape includes The 22 Minute Nap and The 22 Minute Vacation. People love this tape set. Low Delta to Mid-Alpha (0.5-10 Hz)

The Zone
A delightful and truly effective tape designed to be used with a walkman-type cassette player while doing aerobic exercises such as running, walking, using a treadmill, etc. Increases your self-motivation and encourages a more intense workout. Alpha (10Hz)