"I see in these people dramatic changes . . . They process much more quickly and more completely than my other clients, moving through in a couple of days - sometimes even a couple of hours - what ordinarily takes months to pass through . . . I only wish all my clients could be like those who are using this program."
Bill Harris and his colleagues at Centerpointe Research Institute talk about "learning to heal childhood wounds, change behaviour and increase the capacity for intimacy, forgiveness, sponaneity and happiness.". They make a point of offering it in a nondogmatic format, compatible with any religious belief, meditation practice, or psychotherapeutic regime, including 12-step programs. For it to be most effective, you should listen to the tapes for a full hour, every single day.

Sometimes, meditation can catalyze profound changes. Can audiocassette-based daily "meditation" do it better, faster, and even more profoundly? That's the whole idea behind Bill Harris's work with psychoactive sounds.

When I first spoke to Bill, it didn't take long for me to realize that Bill Harris was an expert on psychoactive sounds. A long-time meditator and student of psychology, Bill also worked for several years with Brother Charles, helping to create the "High Tech Meditation" tapes from Sychronicity(TM).

What captured Bill's interest was low, slow sound - delta-distanced binaural beats at extremely low frequencies, sometimes combined with powerful subliminal messages.

"Using these sounds regulary, consistently, day after day, very naturally provokes the brain to let go of deep limiting patterns."

The Introductory Package includes the powerful first album in the meditation series, AWAKENING: Prologue, a comprehensive 3-cassette package that includes telephone access to Centerpointe's support staff.

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Quietude, a lovely, powerful deep relaxation tape; and
Your Loving Parents, a tape of loving parental voices affirming the healing messages your inner child has always longed to hear. The End ® Introductory Package