9 ways to understand your boss, your mother-in-law and the President
The ancient system of the Enneagram is an insightful, fascinating and fun way to more fully understand yourself and the people around you. The nine personality types identified by the Enneagram system have been considered both accurate and profound by such highly diverse groups as Sufi mystics, Jesuit priests and transpersonal psychotherapists. We have selected the Enneagram books and tapes that offer the easiest resources for really learning about the Enneagram and putting it to work in your everyday life.

Let Your Subconscious Transform You The Changeworks

Changeworks tapes have been called "the Rolls Royce of hypnosis tapes." They are packaged beautifully and priced very reasonably Most Changeworks tapes begin with a man's or woman's voice inviting you to take a break and get into a comfortable position. But soon you hear Tom Condon talking in one ear and another voice (usually Carol Erickson in the other, each pretty much talking about the same subject. You hear two animated, poetic monologues, spoken in a relaxing and intimate fashion and expanding on that conversation in amusing new ways. Except, you dropped deep into a trance soon after they began, and the next thing you knew the tape was over! But you're feeling more relaxed and confident, creative, intuitive, or maybe humorous.

Individual Cassettes

Natura1 Self-Confidence
This masterpiece takes you to a natural setting for experiencing new depths of confidence for power, self- esteem and success.

Tape Sets

The New Creativity Unlimited Series:
Unlock your creative potential, help access high performance states, and find more vision for creative living.
3 of the 6 tapes are sold individually

The Expanded Intuition Trailing Series:
Gain access to your own intuit wisdom and challenge the limits of the possible!

3 of the 6 tapes are sold individually for