Sound Techniques for healing is a revolutionary self-healing system that combines pure and precisely- turned Sound Frequencies to relax body and mind; Acupressure to stimulate and regulate the flow of electrical energy throughout the nervous system; and Guided Imagery to mobilize regenerative healing forces that are vital to a healthy mind-body interaction.
Kelly Howell
In the early 1980s, Kelly co-produced dozens of best-selling self-help tapes, published by Bantam Books. Later, having become fascinated by brain wave altering techniques, she created a series of tapes combining creative visualization with binaural best frequencies, published by Random House under the name SuperMind

Throughout the years, Kelly has worked in cooperation with eminent doctors and scientists to create programs designed for clinical applications, including the treatment of depression, sleep disorder, substance abuse and obesity. Her highly acclaimed Brain Sync tapes are widely used in hospitals, pain control and stress clinics, biofeedback clinics and substance abuse centers throughout the world.

Here's what Doctors, Researchers and Theraposts are saying about Brain Sync Audio Tapes:

"These are great tapes! We have found them to be effective for treating depression and sleep disorders. We also use them for brain wave training. Whenever I have a pantien that nothing works for, I get results with Kelly Howell's tapes."
Margart O.Smith, Biofeedback Therapist - Charlotte Presbyterian Hospital, NC

Your tapes are excellent. They are effective for brain entrainment, increasing motivation, and self- esteem."
Leonard Kaplan, MD

"A superb tool for stress management and healing for a wide variety of conditions."
Ron Feintech, PH.D, Psychogist

"The ultimate in high-tech meditation
Lloyd Glauberman, PH.D, Psychogist

"Listening to Kelly Howell's Brain Massage was like having my brain lifted about my head and bather in golden light. The mindstill and peace that it induced was comparable with the highest states of meditation that I have ever experienced."
Patrica Joudry, Author of Sound Therapy for the Walk Man

"Your tapes have become an essential part of my work with patients. They WORK!"
Edward Taub, M.D

We have found Brain Sync tapes to serve as an anti-depressant in the treatment of alcoholism and drug abuse. High Focus has proven to be effective for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder."
Patrica Scheffer, PH.D

"As the first researcher to train people to synchronize their brain waves with an 'om" tone biofeedback phase computer, I can say that Brain Sync tapes actually facilitate the remarkable mental state that brain wave synchronization activates."
Jean Millay, PH.D, Biofeedback Researcher

Restore healthy blood flow to your brain, relax tension in your head, neck and shoulders. This brain massage dramatically relieves head pain.
ISBN: 1-881451-18-6

Guided Relaxation
You are guided into a calmed state of unity and inner peace where mind, body and spint are cleansed and rentalized. Muscles relax, fears vanish and you are freed from anything and everything that bothers you.
(Read by Kelly Howell)
ISBN: 1-881451-24-0