L/S designed for professionals
and their clients
Protutor Systems

Professional Photosonic Stimulation Instruments

The therapeutic uses of light and sound have recently become a subject of interest in the professional community. Yet until now professionals have had only limited ability to control their clients' stimulation using portable machines. The ProTutor changes that. This innovative light / sound stimulation tool includes downloading features that give the professional total Control of the light / sound stimulation the client receives.

An additional feature of this machine allows the professional to enter a code in the ProTutor that provides information on how often the client has used the system.


The light and sound capabilities of the ProTutor are the same as for the Muse Sharp except that there are only two buttons, no built-in sessions and no manual mode. The download procedures and capabilities are the same as for the Muse Sharp and the Nova Pro.

What you get:

The ProTutor Pro system consists of the ProTutor unit, red goggles, headphones, Light/Sound Designer and Librarian, Rs232 cable, 4 AA batteries, and Pro manual. The patient ProTutor systems consist of the same without the RS232 cable or Light/Sound Designer, and with a patient manual. A nonreturnable professional product.

Accessories and replacements: