To really touch our souls, we must journey deep within ourselves. It's an exciting trip, full of all sorts of revelations and surprises. It can also be harrowing, since we must go alone naked, and in silence.

Along the way, friends and lovers are essential. Good books will speak to us. So will quiet |mountains and still lakes. Even loud rock 'n' roll. We will also be made flexible. I And our sense of humor will help guide us.

Since ancient times, men and women have known that dancing flames and rhythmic drumbeats can become a bridge for crossing important chasms that must be traversed if we are to make that entire journey. Today, dancing flames (flashing in precise patterns in sophisticated goggles) and precisely throbbing drumbeats (heard through headphones) can help you cross into places where you may encounter an important stranger-yourself.

Just slip them on, and feel the everyday world dissolve as the mesmerizing colors and sounds move you into another world. It can be an exhilarating journey. You may even encounter that huge, elusive Silence. In any case, when you come back, you'll feel calm and energetic Refreshed. And ready for whatever's next.

What a Light & Sound Machine Can Do for You Relaxation. Stress reduction. Accelerated learning. Creative visualization. Peak mental performance. Deeper and more restorative meditation. .Many people use light and sound machines to help them achieve any (or all) of these objectives. With so many tantalizing possibilities. you may be wondering where to begin.

We suggest that new users begin with the relaxation programs. since relaxation is an excellent gateway to other Light & Sound (L/S) activities. Then use ,your L/S sessions to increase the effectiveness of things you are already doing: Add an exciting new element to ,your meditation, relaxation, or stress-reduction program-or simply learn to achieve desired states in less time. Learn to create a calm, undisturbed space in the midst of daily chaos.

Experiment with the programs that come with your machine, then (if the machine is programmable) tailor them precisely to ,your needs. Here are some types of programs ,you might want for your L/S machine:

Relaxation: Take an energizing break! Once the response is learned. relaxed states can be reached in minutes (or even seconds)! Use to prevent jet lag-before you land.

Sleep: Use when tired, but not ,yet sleepy - or if you wake up and can't get back to sleep

Meditation: Use programs for deep relaxation combined with mental alertness-or deeper and more dreamlike states.

Creativity: Use for brainstorming and problem-solving, or for creative visualization and self- transformation.

Learning: Use with language cassettes and other learning tapes-or just before or after classes or meetings to improve recall. Check out the programs for -"twilight" or "sleep" learning.

Entertainment: See kaleidoscopic patterns of vivid, ever-changing geometrical imagery;

Expanded Perception: A quiet mind allows for new insights. Learn to let yourself see things in a different way.

Altered States specializes in providing information to help match each customer with the right L/S machine