The 'Awakened Mind' tool is a new breakthrough in computerized cranial - electro - stimulation (CES). With eight built-in programs using a broad spectrum of frequencies to induce an altered state. Starting with the first state, hemispheric balanced alpha, through and up to the seventh state, at which, many users report feelings of unity as described by experienced meditators and yogis.

It has been found that at the first introduction to meditation, the initial pattern will be peaked at 12 Hertz or higher, while two to five years' experience causes the alpha frequency to reduce to 9 Hertz and with ten to twenty year's practice, we find the alpha frequency around 7 Hertz.

This diagram shows a very calm person Beta represents the alarm aspect of mental activity, while complex thought need not be accompanied by any beta activity whatsoever A calm person may be very alert, directing his mental content as he wishes, and yet show only a small response in the beta range There have also been reports that delta waves appear at the onset of paranormal phenomena, and we find that they are also associated with the higher levels of consciousness
Active creativity, state six We believe this to be the state preceding the Awakened mind The power spectrum is even across the whole of the alpha band; this has been measured with a few rare individuals notably the Swami Prakashanand Saraswati. This state seems to be a total creative response to a situation, previously difficult to maintain for very long But thanks to modern technology, it is possible to achieve for longer periods
This is the state that Yogis and Swamis achieve when they go into a higher state (beyond the Awakened Mind) It is the pattern of Unity - where there is no differentiation in the mind There is no longer any unconsciousness, the frequencies from delta up to beta have merged There is only consciousness This is the basis for evolution or enlightenment

Awakened Mind 5Hz Relaxed Rapid Learning

1 ST - Alpha
2ND - Alpha with Delta Psychic Experience Lucid Dreaming
3RD - Alpha / Theta Meditation Healing
4TH - Delta - Calmness - Paranormal - Phenomena
5TH - Hemispheric Balance - Alpha / Theta/Delta
6TH - Active Creativity See diagram
7TH - Awakened Mind State -.Unity Oneness with all See diagram

All diagrams are approximations only, the result of investigations and experimentation. No claims are made as to their validity. We welcome your comments and findings and any other experimental or medical information that could help improve or inform present and future users would be greatly received. We apologize if we seem a little cautions but some people expect to buy INSTANT ENLIGHTMENT and (here we go again) we made no such claims. So if you don't get Enlightment in the first few sessions, please don't sue us.

Sorry, the Awakened Mind will not be available until further notice.