Metamusic is more than music. The Hemi-Sync embedded on Metamusic tapes and CDs is a blend of frequency patterns to facilitate your listening experience. Many titles include significant elements of Alpha, Delta, and Theta frequencies to slow down mental activity and facilitate reverie and reflection, enhance and deepen meditation, expand awareness, and open doors to levels of consciousness not generally accessible. In other titles, Beta frequencies predominate to enhance focus and concentration. The music on these tapes/CDs is designed to deepen Hemi-Sync's effect by evoking moods that support contemplative brain-wave states.
Musical Hemi-Sync tapes/CDs can be used in two ways: simply relax, listen, and enjoy the experiences that unfold, or play the selection as a soothing background while carrying out another activity (but NOT while driving or using heavy machinery). Either way, be prepared for an experiential treat.

METAMUSIC SAMPLER provides a brief taste of the musical style of each Metamusic recording. Listening to a few moments of each composition helps you select the title that best satisfies your personal music preferences.

BAROQUE GARDEN for Concentration The Archangelos Chamber Ensemble brings you well-loved themes from compositions that earned the name "smart music." The elegant sonorities and stately rhythms of Bach, Vivaldi and others provide ideal background for peak mental performance in class, home or workplace. Produced by Richard Lawrence and Joshua Leeds.

CLOUDSCAPES Rise with lighter-than-air music through fascinating dimensions of higher consciousness. Inspired by Institute founder Robert Monroe's love of glider piloting, Ray Dretsky carries you above majestic clouds in a free-floating interlude for imagination and meditation. Enjoy sensuous strings and stereo-imaging.

CONVERSE Drift peacefully to that perfect, peaceful place of balance, joining your intuitive and intellectual selves in harmony. Brass, winds and harpsichord help you access a unified realm of unlimited possibility in this favorite for relaxation and intuition. Developed in collaboration with Robert A. Monroe and Alan Phillips. 

DOWNSTREAM Drift serenely with the gentle flow of a tranquil river. Soft horns, harp, and chimes support your peaceful, meditative resonance with nature. Enjoy the passing scenes as you approach and then move on, carried by the quiet water to new destinations of the heart. Developed in collaboration with Robert A. Monroe and Alan Phillips.

This deeply restful composition by Bob Volkman takes you on a tranquil voyage through hidden realms of consciousness. Piano and flute blend with subtle sound effects to engage you in illuminative, dream-like experiences of exploration. Allow yourself to journey back and forward through time, and to discover new dimensions of awareness as you enjoy profound relaxation and peace.

"Dreamer's Journey is my favorite. Almost instantly, the music carries me away from the day's concerns; I then drift off to sleep."