Gateway Experience

For all who wonder what may lie beyond this physical reality . . .
For all who seek to discover truth for themselves . . .
For all who feel ready to pass through the Gateway . . .
Robert Monroe created Gateway Experience for you. This remarkable, life-enhancing, 36-exercise audio course takes you on a carefully designed, step-by-step journey that expands consciousness beyond the limits of physical experience. Drawing on his own well-documented journeys to other dimensions, Robert Monroe helps you feel comfortable, secure, and in control as you learn to explore non-physical realms of consciousness.
What can you expect from the Gateway Experience?
"As much or as little as you put into it. Some discover themselves and thus live more completely, more constructively. Others reach levels of awareness so profound that one such experience is enough for a lifetime. Still others become seekers-after-truth and add an on-going adventure to their daily activity."- Robert A. Monroe
Gateway Experience is structured for sequential use, each exercise building on previous ones. You may purchase the entire series at once, or one Wave (six exercises) at a time, in sequence. Waves I to IV combine Hemi-Sync and verbal guidance. Waves V and VI  combine Hemi-Sync and verbal guidance with music to support your self-directed experiences.

These six exercises lay the foundation for easy entry into profoundly relaxed levels of consciousness. Hemi-Sync and gentle guidance support your introduction to mental tools that assist your explorations. You experience Focus 10, a state in which your mind remains alert and awake while your body, detached from physical sensory input, is calmly and comfortably at rest. You learn to generate a high energy state within and around you; to release self-imposed limits and fears; to use sleep as a natural gateway into other states of consciousness. Wave I ends with your creative experimentation using the processes learned thus far.
Orientation - introduction and Focus 3
Intro Focus 10 - establish the state of mind awake/body asleep
Advanced Focus 10 - expand perception and learn greater control of personal energy
Release and Recharge - detach from old fears and negative emotions
Exploration, Sleep - techniques for expanding and exploring while asleep 
Focus 10 Free Flow - experiment with all tools learned in Wave I

Your continuing adventure takes you to Focus 12, an empowering state of expanded awareness in which you become more aware of inner resources. You learn to use Focus 12 energy for problem-solving, self-programming, and directing energy for healing and exploring.
Intro Focus 12 - establish the higher energy state of expanded awareness
Problem Solving - receive creative solutions to your questions
One Month Patterning - reshape your life in desired directions
Color Breathing - link mind and body to energize and support healing 
Energy Bar Tool - direct your nonphysical energies 
Living Body Map - balance and strengthen the physical self

You are now ready for fascinating experimentation in directing non-physical consciousness calmly and comfortably, adding new mental tools to those already mastered. Learn to access desired information, and to project your awareness to distant places with control and confidence.
Lift Off - achieve ease with nonphysical experience
Remote Viewing - tools for distant perception
Vectors - reference points for easy movement
Five Questions - answers from your total self
Energy Food - absorb nonphysical energy
First Stage Separation - explore nonphysical consciousness

The last verbally guided Wave teaches methods for influencing your personal development in this reality, for venturing farther into other dimensions, and for sending and receiving information across the boundaries between realities. All your Gateway Experience tools support these enriching and illuminating adventures.
One Year Patterning - for designing your desired future 
Five Messages - gain insight into your total self
Free Flow 12 - an unparalleled background for personal exploration
NVC I - non-verbal communication, the language of intuitive thought
NVC II - broaden perception in all states of your being
Compoint 12 - establish a reference point for communication with higher consciousness

When you reach Waves V and VI, you no longer need verbal "training wheels." You are well prepared to pursue your own goals and self-directed adventures of personal discovery, supported by Hemi-Sync sound frequencies and evocative Metamusic. Guidance Manuals offer suggestions for the inner and other-dimensional journeys you may wish to experience.

No more verbal "training wheels." Pursue your own goals by creating experiences under your own mental direction.
Mission 10 - expand Focus 10 possibilities
Mission 12 - expand Focus 12 possibilities
Mission Day - make the most of your day
Mission Night - expand sleeping possibilities
Horizons - look inward to memories, feelings
Pathways - open unexplored places within you

Leads you further into non-verbal communication, and supports your discovery of the treasures of time and space.
Metamorphosite - hunt your gems of change
Bio-Body - explore treasures of the physical
Null Point - unearth the "mine of your mind"
Plus Polarity - move through the null point to the opposite polarity 
Near Reaches - discoveries in time and space
Far Reaches - dig deep; soar high

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