ATTENTION Improve performance and productivity by maintaining your focus anywhere, anytime. Learn a simple method to create an intensely concentrated brain wave state whenever you wish. Use at home, work, meetings, or school to block out dis­tractions, comprehend better, remember study materials, stay on track, and get more done in less time.
Human Plus

BUY THE NUMBERS Increase ease and proficiency with numbers, and end math phobia. Use the simple method anytime, anywhere, for improved homework and exam results, greater accuracy, speed, and ability to remember numbers. Use for paying bills, balancing checkbooks, figuring taxes, and overcoming dis­couragement about math and statistics.
Human Plus

CABLE CAR RIDE Lilting, upbeat rhythms help you start the day in a positive mood and lift your spirits anytime. As background for exercise, housework, and other chores, it provides an infusion of cheerful energy. Surround yourself with these happy sounds and enjoy the vitalizing effect. (Non verbal)
Mind Food

“Catnapper is great to bring on business trips. I use it after a long day and I’ve rejuvenated for the evening. The depth of relaxation it brings about in a short time is astounding. “

CIRCULATION Learn to strengthen the mind/body connection to improve your circulatory system. Use the simple method regularly for general maintenance and problem prevention, and even more frequently when a particular need is apparent. While the mind/body connection can enhance your condition, this is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.
Human Plus

DE-DISCOMFORT Learn to reduce your perception of physical discomfort. Use the simple method anywhere, anytime, to "lower the volume" of pain signals sent by the nervous system to your brain.

Human Plus


Human Plus – Contains verbal guidance and cues allowing you to re-create the desired effect as needed.

Mind Food – Experience and benefit while listening Non-verbal contains no verbal guidance. Verbal contains verbal guidance.