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What is Hemi-Sync?

Alphabetical Listing of Hemi-Sync Products by Title

Hemi-Sync Applications

Single Hemi-Sync Tapes & CDs
Descriptions in alphabetical order of all single titles except Metamusic. Within this listing, tapes/CDs will be denoted as Human Plus@ or Mind Food TM. Human Plus contains verbal guidance and cues to allow you to recreate the effect whenever you choose. Mind Food provides the experience or benefit while you listen. We have noted which Mind Food tapes/CDs are verbal and which are non-verbal.

Hemi-Sync Series
Series of tapes/CDs designed for specific applications.

Going Home®

PAL Executive Package

On Becoming a Lifelong Learner

PAL Student Package

Opening the Heart™

Positive Immunity Program

Opening the Way™

Surgical Support Series

Gateway Experience
Thirty-six learning exercises on tapes and CDs guide you far beyond routine awareness. This rewarding home study course helps you discover that you are more than you ever imagined and provides tools for exploring expanded consciousness.

Hemi-Sync and music without words. You can listen with stereo headphones or as background music. Metamusic is appropriate to create an evocative audio environment for your own Hemi-Sync enhanced experience.

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