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A Better Way To Temporarily Relieve Pain and Improve Healing

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The Magnafield Model MF998 uses low level INDUCED Magnetic Energy Fields of Specifically Pulsed Frequencies suggested to be Therapeutically Beneficial for the TEMPORARY RELIEF of MANY BODILY DISCOMFORTS.

The Magnafield system maybe useful for the following:

• Pain - from migraine headaches . to troubled feet (temporary relief)
• Arthritis, Rheumatism, Muscle Spasms (temporary relief of pain)
• Backache - Sciatica, Neck and Shoulder complaints, trauma relief (temporary relief)
• Circulatory System - may assist in the maintenance of peripheral circulation
• Respiratory disorders - Hay Fever, Sinusitis, Bronchial spasm, (temporary relief of symptoms)
• Inflammation - Burns, Bruising, Lesions, Bed Sores, Ankle Joint Swelling
• Tendonitis - R.S.I., bursitis, ligament and muscle strains, rehabilitation
• Sports Injuries - Acute, Cramps (relief of), also for pre-sport and 'pre-exercise toning



Almost every person experiences pain as a necessary part of life. Without pain we would not be alerted to injury, burning, infection ' hunger etc. However, many people suffer pain beyond the useful or protective warning function, and the relief of such discomfort remains the most common demand on medical assistance. Many methods are used.
Among the complementary modalities available, the induction of magnetic energy fields into the body has been used by the medical profession in Europe and elsewhere for over 60 years. Several makes and models of magnetic field therapy devices have come onto the market - however, using recently developed technology, one of the most advanced and effective units available has been designed and produced in Australia.
It is the MAGNAFIELD Magnetic Energy Induction Therapy Unit, Model MF 998.


*The inducing of certain specifically pulsed magnetic energy fields into body tissue causes bioelectric current activity which may assist in the normalising of electron flow within and between cells in the body. This may help in the temporary relief of pain and also in the repair damaged tissues.

*Using extremely-ultra-low frequencies of 0.5 to 18Hz with specially shaped multi-rhythm bio-waveforms of oscillating magnetic energy fields, the Magnafield can influence the ion exchange at the cellular level and also have an effect on oxygen transport, blood activity and flow. This is important for the promotion of healing of casual factors, such as injuries or disease, in conjunction with appropriate nutrients and under the guidance of a suitably qualified health-care practitioner.

*The magnetic energy field frequencies produced by the Magnafield system are within the range of predominant brain frequencies of humans and animals. These are very different to the potentially damaging very high frequencies and waveforms of electro-magnetic radiation fields in the environment.

*The Magnafield treatment pad does not have to touch the body to be effective. Distances of from 'in contact' to preferably 30cm (12") up to 1.2m (4ft) approx. or more are just as effective.

*The most important setting is 0.5Hz. This has the best benefit in nearly all cases, and is the most recommended frequency for initial treatments. For certain conditions it is the only setting to obtain the required benefits. Each frequency has specific effects.

*Contra Conditions: While there are no known adverse side effects with this treatment, commonsense suggests caution or avoidance of most other forms of electrotherapy where higher frequencies and/or voltages and currents are used in the following cases: pregnancy, viral infections, tuberculosis, mycoses, cancer, pacemakers, cochlea ear implants or other electronic implants etc.
*Consult an experienced electrotherapist who is familiar with this model Magnafield or contact the manufacturers' Practitioner Help Line for advice from a therapy consultant. In Australia - Freecall: 1-800-357 197 or 61(0)8 8344 6609 if in any doubt. No adverse reactions have been recorded with the Magnafield treatment when used as recommended.

Specifications: Magnafield Magnetic Energy Induction Therapy Unit

Model No. : MF998
Input Voltage : 240 V AC(+/-10%) 50Hz. [USA 120 V A [+/-10%] 60Hz
Input Current : 0.l Amp. Fuse: 0.5Amp. coiled SloBlo type M205; Circuit Breakers: 3 internal auto reset
Output Voltage : 18V pulsed oscillating (ac) = 13V AC rms to treatment/applicator pad coil
Output Power : 10 Watts Output frequency range: selectable 0.5 to 18Hz in 11 preset steps
Special Features : 20 minute 'single' treatment or 'Repeat' mode. 'Auto Cyclic' - 2,4,8,12Hz in timed steps
Generator Unit : 208 x 165 x 90mm, 1.5Kg; Pad: 300 x 250 x 35mm, 1.25Kg; Total Weight in Briefcase:6kg.
The Magnafield is protected by Patent Applications and Registered Trade Marks
Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods- (TGA)

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Complete System in briefcase
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Pad under chair or bed