Colloidal Silver/Super Zapper Combination unit

A combination super zapper and colloidal silver generator in one compact portable unit
SuperZapper/Blood Electrifier and Plant Growth Stimulator,
built to Bob Beck’s specification and designed to fit in with your lifestyle.

In 1990 researchers at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine NYC found that viruses (including HIV) could be inactivated by applying a minute electric current (50-100 micro-amperes).This discovery led to a patent being taken out on advanced medical devices and techniques for cleansing the blood inside and outside the body.

Robert C. Beck, D.Sc., took this idea from a future possibility to a present alternative. He devised a method for electrifying/purifying blood using a simple device. His proven design enables the operator to electrify/purify blood with no dialysis, implants or medical intervention. It is truly a self-help approach which is also inexpensive, simple to use and rapid.

In 1991 Robert Beck made a protocol available to the general public based on a simple electronic circuit to perform the blood clearing. In 1197, his updated protocol and circuits were published over the Internet, following several years of research at his own expense. Robert Beck writes “Both blood and lymph can be cleared in vivo (which means blood isn’t removed, or skin penetrated) simply, rapidly and inexpensively,” Beck quotes his method to be 95% effective at eliminating HIV and other viruses along with clearing the blood stream of parasites, fungi, bacteria and other pathogens. This method includes both blood electrification and making and drinking your own colloidal silver.
Beck also published further information on a device for pulsing a magnetic field into lymph nodes and tumour sites.

The Beck electrifier/Neutraliser has been tested extensively and used by thousands of people over the past 10 years. There are many testimonies of positive effects from using this device, following the suggested protocols. There are no known side effects (aside from occasional detoxification effects). Beck designed and thoroughly tested his device before making all details publicly available. This information is widely accessible over the Internet and via video recording of a lecture presented on the subject.

Our Beck silver pulsar II is made according to the latest specifications and has been designed to be lightweight, portable and simple to operate. Using only one 9V battery it easily fits into a shirt pocket. The pulser lead set runs from the unit to the two stainless steel electrodes to cleanse the bloodstream via these arteries. The instrument is worn this way for 2 or more hours per day and used daily for 4-6 weeks. The convenience of our design allows freedom to carry on with your usual routine while blood cleaning AND you make your own colloidal silver to take between.


as per Dr Robert Beck’s research

Microcurrent Power Supply for Experimental In Vivo Blood Electrification

Can a small current neutralize the HIV virus?

In 1990, at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (New York) scientists discovered that a small current (50 to 100 Microamps, much lower than the one used in TENS, CES etc) could alter the outer protein layers of the HIV virus in a petri dish, and it was then unable to attach itself to the receptor sites (reported in "Science News"` March 1991, p. 207). It also had the same effect on microorganisms responsible for diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, hepatitis, lupus and more. This medical breakthrough was offering many hopes for patients in a great variety of conditions. In a process similar to Dialysis, the blood of the patient would be removed, treated and returned. This was offering also many hopes for clearing blood bank reserve supplies. Silver electrodes could also be inserted directly into the patient’s blood stream for treatment.


In vivo neutralization of the HIV virus: Dr Beck, inventor

Unfortunately, Dr Steven Kaali, MD, predicted: "years of testing will be in order before such an IN VITRO (that is, blood being removed for treatment) device can be made ready for widespread use". Dr Robert Beck, a renowned American Physicist, decided to invent an inexpensive electronic device that would allow people to treat themselves by applying the electrodes to the skin, without any medical intervention or surgery. Positioning the electrodes right over the blood path would allow an individual to neutralize harmful microorganisms in total freedom, in the comfort of his own home thanks to that simple blood electrification process. Says Dr Beck "HIV positive users…may expect a dramatic reduction of symptoms after about 45 days". Dr Beck decided to offer his invention to the world for all to use it freely!.

Dr Robert Beck recommends using the blood electrifier 2 hours a day for about two months. However, due the "electroporation of the cell" phenomenon he mentions, users have to be careful as to what they ingest, as the cell membrane becomes pervious to small quantities of normally harmless substances, which would lead to effects similar to overdosing.

Bob Beck Protocol

Beck Combo Zapper MK3
Bob Beck Blood Zapper
and Colloidal Silver Generator

What is The Bob Beck Protocol?

99.99% Pure Silver Electrodes
Sea Salt
Dropper Bottle
Velcro Wriststrap
2 Pairs of 99% Silver Electrodes + Cotton Electrode Sleeves

Blood Zapper (Bob Beck Protocol)
Colloidal Siver Generator (Bob Beck Protocol)

Fully Rechargable Batteries
Selectable Zapper intensity
Low Battery level LED
Advanced charging circuitry
Colloidal Silver generator ajusts
---to your water resistance
Slimmer more portable case
State of the art circuitry

Beck Combo Zapper MK3
Disclaimer: The information given is for experimental purposes only and no medical claims are made or implied.
Caution: Do nor use this device if pregnant or wearing a pacemaker.
Follow instructions carefully.

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Pulsed Magnetic Fields (i.e. Magnetic Pulser)
The purpose of this treatment is to disable microbes that are not floating around in the bloodstream, but are "hiding" in root canals, the lymph system, the stomach area, etc. This is a very important part of the protocol for wellness.



High Powered Bob Beck Type Magnetic Pulsar

Constant Current Colloidal Silver Generator

Bob Beck Type Blood Zapper

Digital Timer 5 mins - 2 Hours

Silver Rods

Velcrow Wrist Strap

Blood Zapper Electrodes

Hand Held

Built in Stand

Easy Instructions

120-240 Volts (The correct voltage is sent for your country)

Tri-Pulser 9  


Water Ozonator 600mg/h
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Complete Package

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