User Guide

Echofone enables the listener to experience the full dynamic range of music without missing the high frequencies.

To use Echofone follow these instructions:
  1. Connect Power Supply to Echofone "DC In".
  2. Using the 3.5mm Stereo Plug Cable, connect your audio source to Echofone "Audio In". Your source should be the Headphone Out, or Line Out from a CD Player, Cassette Player, or Stereo Receiver.   
  3. Adjust Echofone Headband, and position Echofone Trodes under Headband on temples or forehead. Note: BLUE marker indicates RIGHT channel Trode.
  4. Connect Trodes to Echofone "Head Out", and connect Headphones to Echofone "Audio Out".
  5. Set source volume at zero, Echofone Trode Volume at 60%, Echofone Phones Volume at 30%.
  6. Turn on source and Echofone.  Adjust source volume to comfortable level, and then fine tune Echofone mix.
  7. Experiment with positioning of Echofone Trodes using the Echofone Headband. Once you have determined optimal positioning of Trodes, remove the adhesive backing from Velcro fasteners and attach to the Echofone Headband.
  8. Listening Tip:  Another great way to use Echofone is without headphones. Play back recordings though your stereo speakers with Echofone trodes engaged. This will allow you to hear and converse with others while enjoying the Echofone sound.