Sleep Solution: Comprehensive
This CD set is the most comprehensive sound-based Sleep Solution on the market today. It combines the traditional sound based therapies (such as using white noise and soothing sounds), with the latest brainwave entrainment and neurofeedback research.

"The insomnia session has proved to be quite helpful to me. Better than Ambien, in that it is drug free and has allowed me to relax, making sleep more easily acquired."

Mark Jones, Certified Hypnotist, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Headphones and special speaker arrangements are not required to use this CD set.

Insomnia is a complex problem. Most people label insomniacs as chronic worriers. In many cases that is true, but constant tension and worrying is often a side effect of deeper psychological or neurological problems.

The first step on the path towards healthy sleep is to lay the neurological groundwork for relaxation, control of mental chatter and energy levels. For example, there is a specific band of brainwaves, called the Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR), which is involved in the control of arousal states and inhibiting movement during sleep. This brain activity is vital to healthy sleep, so it is not surprising that many insomniacs have a severely low amount of SMR activity. Exercise naturally acts to increase SMR, but given the sedentary lifestyle of society today, using sound patterns that promote this activity can be a highly beneficial supplement. Using these CDs will help train your brain to better control energy levels and sleep patterns, allowing you to effortlessly enjoy a full night's rest. The focus of this CD set is on long term improvement and permanence. The goal is to eventually stop having to use them altogether.

Additionally, the CDs are used to guide the mind gently down to a deep, healthy sleep state. This helps reduce mental chatter and encourage relaxation and paced breathing. The protocols used on these CDs have even been known to help counteract imbalanced circadian rhythms and Somnambulism (sleep walking).

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