Brainwaves for Peak Performance

POD-1 & POD-2 with smart 100 Software

Altered States is excited to bring you the POD ("Personal Optimization Device") units with SMART 100 Software - true peak-performance brainwave trainers.

Peak Performance Research
Born of decades of breakthrough research in human mental and physical performance and advanced miniaturized electronics, the POD-2 is programmed, via its Mental Conditioning System software, to reinforce only those brain-waves which improve human performance. Its programming (described below) is the result of extensive studies of the brains of the world's top performers – from Olympic athletes to research scientists, from fighter pilots to Zen meditators. This powerful brainwave combination has never been available to the public – until now!

Practical Benefits

The POD-2 is designed to help improve your performance and enjoyment of a variety of situations and tasks -by learning to achieve control over your mental states. For example, you may use the POD-2 to reduce tension before and after a business meeting or workday. Or you may use it to boost concentration and mental focus before competing in an athletic event or taking an exam. Or simply use the POD-2 to perform more efficiently around work, home or school.

Smart 100 Software features digital filtering for true real-time feedback (8-50 millisecond response time, depending on band). Markers can be inserted in session data. Train on colorful and informative training graphs, session-to-session graphs, zooming features and text reports. A variety of full-color training displays including bar graphs, up to 10 filtered bands, Circle, Line, target Alpha bar, "raw" brainwave, and brainwave-based games. The data is compatible with medical grade EEC equipment, allowing for offline analysis with a health care professional.
Training programs are customizable by a certified peak performance training specialist. Software-based "artifact rejection" is provided, so you train brainwaves and only brainwaves, not errant muscle activity or ''noise.

Specifications: One- or two-channel options. The one-channel POD is upgradable to two channels for $500.00.) Built-in impedance meter to ensure good electrode contact. 0.5-32 Hz brainwave frequency response. 128 Hz sampling rate. 8000 gain. 60 Hz notch filter (50Hz available as special order). 110-220V power supply (standard). Soundblaster sound feed-back; not compatible with PCMCIA external sound cards. High-speed parallel port connection. 12 bit A/D converters.

System Requirements:

486DX/25 or faster PC (no Mac), DOS v3.1 or better, SoundBlaster-compatible sound card, VGA display (active matrix screen for laptops), free parallel port, 4MB RAM, 598K free conventional memory, Not compatible with IBM Thinkpad, AST or Asentia laptops.

What You Get: 1- or 2-channel-capable 6" x 9" x 2" control unit, parallel port interface, all operating software on 3.5" disks, POD operating manual, an easy-to-use set of electrodes with prep and gel, and free Alpha Zones booklet.


A Program for Peak Performance Brainwave Training

The POD-1 & POD-2 Smart 100 software contains

10 brainwave training programs for varied Peak Performance training options:

Peak 1: Increase alpha percentage. An eyes-closed program with audio feedback for relaxation, reducing perceived workloads, working better and longer, and for ideational fluency, or the capacity to elicit multiple solutions to problems.

Peak 2: Increase high alpha percentage, while lowering theta. Eyes-open training to improve decision malting, enhance concentration, reduce errors and improve reaction time.

Peak 3: Two-variable display version of Peak 2; supplies more real-time information.

Peak 4: Increase high alpha percentage. An eyes-open alternative to Peak 1, for error reduction, enhanced tracking abilities and enhanced decision making.

Peak 5: Increase alpha amplitude. An eyes-closed optional program for those who have already mastered Peak 1 through Peak 4.

Peak 6: Increase alpha amplitude and percentage. An eyes-open or eyes-closed optional program for advanced users; an alternative to Peak 5.

Peak 7: Raise peak alpha to 10 Hz: Increase mental clarity when peak alpha is below 10 Hz.

Peak 8: Train right/left hemisphere balance with two channels for a sense of operating at a more "holistic" level and increasing mental processing speed.

Peak 9: Train right/left hemisphere synchrony with two channels for a Zen-like sense of integration.

Peak 10: Train right/left hemisphere balance and synchrony simultaneously for a feeling of well-being and improvements in reaction time (mental and physical).