"I have found the new Clarity Meter an invaluable tool in my practice as a counselor of some 25 years. It is wonderful to know exactly what is happening with my client, to have the certainty to know we are addressing the correct item and when that item has been cleared. My clients love the meter and look foward to the process of discovery that the meter provides us."
--Aerial Long
   Personal Growth and Trauma Counselor
   Beaverton, OR

"I've been using my new Clarity Meter, and I must say that it is everything you said it was. It is delightfully easy to use. The tone-arm moves much more smoothly, and at maximum sensitivity it really shows up things enormously. I had to cut back from maximum, as I didn't need that much sensitivity to do what I was doing. Also, it is not necessary to resort to a second switch to get the highest sensitivities, as it is with the older meters. In short, I am highly satisfied with it, and am on new voyages of discovery."
--Bob Ross
   Professional Clearing Practitioner
"I wanted to write to let you know how things are going with the meter. I ordered it about two to three weeks ago, and I also had a great conversation with you on the phone when I ordered. I received the meter on the expected day and promptly viewed the video and read the owner's manual, etc. I am having so much fun using this on my clients; its quite empowering to have something help me view the actual obstacles that might arise in a session"
--Christian Michael
   Clearwater, FL
"Hank, I received both packages yesterday. Four of us watched the video. Nice work! Seeing the meter in action makes a difference! It provides a level of discrimination that I didn't get from verbal descriptions and static pictures ten years ago."
--Chuck Davis
   Tallahassee, FL
"I gave a friend of mine an opportunity to do a side-by-side comparision of my two meters, your Clarity and the Quantum. The Clarity won hands down."
--L. Aster
"I'm very impressed! I find the needle very responsive and perfectly damped, the AutoSense worked fine.
To be honest, I prefer it to the Ability, even without auto-balancing --the differences are subtle but real.
The case design is smart and attractive (also not like a Mark IV!) and very professional looking, doesn't fingerprint or scratch, and the controls are smooth and positive. I particularly like the balance control positioned centrally so one doesn't have to obscure the dial reaching for it (with the right hand) on the top left when soloing. And the electrodes are great, I prefer them bigger, and very well finished.
By the way, my wife [Penny] was so impressed with the Clarity meter when she tried it that she's started doing sessions again - says it's the first meter that she feels confident using, because it's so responsive".
--Peter Shepherd
   Transformational Psychologist,
   Author of "Transforming the Mind"
"I have had your meter for about 3 weeks now and just wanted to touch base with you to let you know how I am enjoying it--I am enjoying it! I have started and run about 10 sessions and your meter gives very smooth flowing F/N's. I have been using the Autosens 95% of the time. I am happy so I say thank you!"
--Rich Hernandez
"The Clarity Meter™ sets a new standard for price, quality and performance in clearing meters. It has a quality feel to it, the way the range knob feels, the needle moves".
--Rob Coleman
   Clearing Practitioner
   Mill Valley, CA
"The meter safely arrived on Friday. I've had an opportunity to work with it a bit and I really like it so far. The needle reaction is really smooth and a pleasure to watch. Very nice meter!".
--Scott Paschall