Put it on someone at a party and just lightly touch them. You'll see. Nervousness is measured by the BIOSENSOR by attaching two sensors to the fingers. It's so sensitive it will practically pick up thoughts. Try thinking a thought, especially a sexual one, at someone hooked up to the instrument. They can be across the room, or even invisible to you.

How it works:
Sympathetic nervous system activity indicates our level of stress, or emotional agitation. It constantly fluctuates with how we feel, what we think, or how tense our muscles are.

Around the body is a huge force or field or (aura). When people interact this field changes. I've measured it up to twelve feet away from a person. It is over one million times as large as the body's magnetic field. See the book: THE BODY MAGNETIC(see below) for more details. When people are near one another their fields interact. When a person is agitated or upset their auric field is larger. After a person is treated with magnetic instruments, their auric field decreases..

In its professional use, the activity level is indicated on a meter reading and by the pitch of a tone. As a person relaxes the frequency decreases. With the aid of the BIOSENSOR a person can learn meditation, self-hypnosis, and deep relaxation. These are all related. The BIOSENSOR is a smaller model of the ELECTRONIC MUSCLE TESTER, although it won't do muscle testing.