Inexpensive, Portable EEG Unit

The Pendant EEG, from Pocket-Neurobics, is the most portable and inexpensive 2 channel unit on the market today. With its wireless (infrared) technology is it also one of the safest. It is so light and easy to use that you can literally wear it around your neck.

Use the Pendant EEG:
• Analyze your brainwaves, creating a "brain map" to determine which brainwaves need improving
• Neurofeedback
• Use the 2 channels to measure hemispheric synchronization
• Safely test your own entrainment products

BioExplorer Software

BioExplorer Software - You can order the Pendant EEG Unit with the BioExplorer software, which is what was used to produce the above EEG snapshots. There are other (free) programs out there that support the Pendant, but BioExplorer is simply the best and most flexible neurofeedback software on the market.


Electrodes are user supplied and not included with the kit, full details on where to purchase are supplied...