Muscle Testing:
The Truth in the palm of your hand!


Muscle Testing: The Truth in the palm of your hand!

When in Doubt Muscle test

Kinesiology Muscle strength testing is based on the belief that changes in individual muscles reflect the general health of the body, and that it can therefore be used as a diagnostic tool. It is often presented as an holistic approach meaning that it relates to the overall body health, rather than the health of a specific organ.Muscle testing is an empowering energy technique that most anyone can use to better their health. Muscle testing functions as a subconscious lie-detector test and is used by challenging any muscle of the body.

Kinesiology is an alternative healing technique that is used to determine imbalances in the body through a form of "muscle testing."

The benefits of Kinesiology are wide ranging.
Individuals who can benefit span all ages:

• Babies and children
• The elderly
• Athletes
• People suffering from injuries
• Individuals recovering from surgery

A modern lifestyle uses up a lot of energy and may leave you feeling tired constantly. While you may not be suffering from any serious disease, having low energy levels may also prevent you from feeling well or from enjoying life in general. A variety of factors may bring about low energy. These include overexertion, anxiety, depression, nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise, pregnancy, stress, poor sleep quality, and low blood sugar levels.

Kinesiology helps with balancing your energy levels. Using muscle testing one can find out how the body needs re-balancing. And its amazing possibilities...

Nutritional deficiencies,
for nutrition and dieting by testing which emotions trigger the cravings for certain foods, to test which ingredients a person is allergic to and for asking the amounts of raw fruits and vegetables that would be best for the body.

Emotional patterns,
Organ weakness or support,
Energetic imbalance,
In Helping with Environmental Issues, it can be used for: finding energy vortexes in a house.
Acupuncture meridian imbalance,
Using Muscle Testing for Allergy testing: It’s useful for asking what side effects or benefits are being caused by a particular drug and in testing which flower, bulbs, grasses, shrubs, trees, molds and mildews or pollens you are allergic to.
Causes of Stress
Emotional Blocks
The basis of Emotional Complex Clearing (ecc) is muscle testing or kinesiology

Musculoskeletal problems
Hand muscle strength, function, body mechanics and the recovery from injuries is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Musculoskeletal problems can create weakness in the hands reducing grip and performing fine motor skills such as writing or keyboarding. The purpose of hand muscle testing is to determine optimal physical functioning, assess a problem involving the nerves and muscles and to measure progress when recovering from an injury.

Some individuals have reported an improvement in coping with allergies from the use of kinesiology. It has also been used to treat people suffering from phobias. Kinesiology has also been recommended for parents with children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

One of muscle testing’s greatest strength is that it allows a person to customize their herbal or health program to account for individual constitutional differences. Different types of individuals may require slightly different remedies for the same problem. Some people may have a rare allergic reaction to certain herbs. Muscle testing helps screen out these problems.
The fact that a person feels stronger even when holding certain remedies or being around certain energies, also makes them more confident that they can get well.

Use your TrueTester

1. Testing for allergies
2. Finding vitamin or mineral excesses or deficiencies
3. Finding the primary cause of a disease
4. Find out which drugs or supplements are the best for you
5. Prioritize your work or tasks
6. Communicate with your pets
7. Communicate with your loved ones who have passed away
8. Determine the percentage involvement of different layers of disease
9. Decide what part of the country to move to
10. Backtrack to find the primary cause of someones death
11. Decide which foods are best for your pet
12. Find out what emotions trigger you to eat certain foods

Practice with the Trutester makes you a better problem solver.
Kinesiology encourages asking more questions and better questions. Many readers will appreciate how all science begins with asking good questions. Kinesiology testing makes asking questions MUCH EASIER and therefore more fun!

Trutester testing as ‘asking for a direction’
In Kinesiology we don’t test for answers; we test for a direction (Maryann Castellanos).
Positive responses in Kinesiology testing are best interpreted not so much as “answers.” Rather responses are best interpreted as, “The direction is “this way,” keep going this direction.”

Trutester testing supports and encourages independent thinking, thinking for yourself.
Many people come to Kinesiology after spending time and money with conventional medical pathology experts—without relief. Kinesiology delivers many ways to get your own answers to the perplexing questions we all have from time to time.

Practice with the Trutester increases self-confidence.
Practice of Kinesiology opens resourcefulness beyond the isolated thinking mind, beyond the merely logical-sequential intellect.
Once you learn to test your self, and
once you trust how it works for you,
and you practice in safe areas,
like which movies to see or
which vitamins are beneficial for your body at this time,
your confidence in your growing ability to take care of your needs spreads out, generalizes,
in larger and larger circles, into your life.

Practice with the Trutester supports keeping an open mind.
It’s okay not to know! “You don’t have to know—you only have to ask” is how Maryann Castellanos puts it.
Most of our body and most of every human psyche lies in the sub- and unconscious. Any Kinesiology tester understands how little they know—how much is unknown.

Practice with the Trutester encourages useful mental-emotional neutrality.
Kinesiology encourages emotional neutrality when asking questions. So rather than REACT—we can ask; rather than guess and jump to conclusions—we can ask

Trutester encourages being a good student, no matter how old you are.
Kinesiology encourages asking for second opinions from those who know more than you do. Your body knows more about how your immune system will respond to a spicy hot tamale than your rational mind does. Your high self knows more about whether next Tuesday or next Thursday is the more optimal day for the meeting.

Trutester proves the possibility of limited, direct communication with the immune system.
With all the questions possible to ask on any given health challenge, you are wise to ask the immune system of the body directly. If you wish to hear from an expert on your body, you HAVE to ask your immune system directly. The immune system is the expert on your body, not the rational mind.

The effectiveness of vitamins, drugs, and all other interventions of any kind can all be estimated (measured) prior to application.
Testing vitamins:

Which of these store vitamin C brands work best for my body?
What vitamins from my home vitamin collection does my body want today?
Are more minerals beneficial for my body now?

Kinesiology Through the Trutester encourages working with the Highest Light you can get!
Kinesiology testing encourages working with the Light of the Highest Good for all concerned. Why? Because this is the “default setting” for all beings above the physical. In the astral realm and above awareness of the highest good is automatic; it’s the air you breathe. You can still ignore it but you know it’s there With practice, Kinesiology creates access to your high self.

Trutester is a red carpet rolled out towards healthier decisions everywhere in your life. That’s why people who learn it?and learn to trust their test results--never give it up
Source Bruce Dickson

Muscle testing is a skill, not an art, nor yet a science. You are simply doing a natural form of biofeedback with a machine. With a little practice most people will soon be able to get results that are convincing, compelling, and quite exciting. Once this signalling system is set up, you are ready to ask more useful questions.

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