Winning the War On Cancer

Winning the War on Cancer is a must read for cancer patients and doctors alike. Dr. Sircus takes you on a journey in this 900 page book beyond the individual theories on various cancer cures introducing you to an entirely new paradigm in cancer care and prevention. The information you will find in its pages is solidly referenced taking the reader deep into subjects without sacrificing easy understanding and enjoyable readability. Rarely will you find a book on cancer that covers so much territory. The text is profound but understandable for patients whose need for essential information should not be denied.

Before considering dangerous drastic measures and treatments one needs to investigate Dr. Sircus’s Natural Allopathic Medicine. His new methods combine the best of the world of allopathic science and alternative methods joining the two in an easily understood format. Importantly one will learn how viruses, bacteria and fungus can set the stage for cancer and metastases.

Most of his protocol can be self administered, are much more affordable and more protective of our immune systems than any currently promoted pharmaceutical chemo or radiation therapies.

Table of contents - 850 Pages
1 - Winning the War on Cancer
1.1 About this Book
1.2 To Health Care Professionals
1.3 About The Author
1.4 Emergency Room Medicine Cancer Treatment
1.5 Why Are So Many Children and People Getting Sick?
1.6 Understanding the Condition of Cancer
1.7 The Cancer Microbe
1.8 Natural Allopathic Medicine - Natural ChemoTherapy
1.9 Fundamental Methodology
1.10 Cancer Protocol
1.11 Cancer and Fear - Confronting your Oncologist
1.12 Winning or Losing the War on Cancer
1.13 Should you trust your Oncologist?
1.14 Do Cancer Tests Test for Cancer?
1.15 The Simoncini Treatment of Cancer - Destroying our fixed ideas about Cancer

2 - Environmental Medicine
2.1 A Dirty World - Toxicology & Low Level Exposures
2.2 It Matters Where You Live
2.3 Beyond Paracelsus - Does the Dose Make the Poison or Not?
2.4 Science of Low Level Toxicity
2.5 Mercury - Part of the Cancer Terrain
2.6 Cadmium and Cancer
2.7 The Golden Triangle of Natural Chelation
2.8 Chelorex – Oral Chelation

3 - Yeast and Fungi Invaders
3.1 Yeast and Fungi Invaders
3.2 Tough Little Creatures
3.3 The End of Antibiotics – Iodine as Antibiotic Anti Fungal
3.4 Sodium Bicarbonate - Lessons in Cancer and General pH Management
3.5 Pathogen Differentiation and Infectious Processes - Microbiology
3.6 Beating Back Late Stage Infections with Sodium Bicarbonate
3.7 Dr. Tullio Simoncini on Anti-Fungins
3.8 Short Guidelines in Cancer Therapy - Sodium Bicarbonate (SB)
3.9 The Therapy with Sodium Bicarbonate - Dr. Tullio Simonini
3.10 Cancer Protocol, Simoncini, Materials List
3.11 Sodium Bicarbonate - Uses for Acute Disorders
3.12 In Defense of Dr. Tullio Simoncini
3.13 Bicarbonate Maple Syrup Cancer Treatment

4 - Natural Medicine
4.1 The Sun – Vitamin D – Cancer
4.2 Principles of Transdermal Medicine
4.3 The Science of the Pure
4.4 Detoxification through the Skin - More on Clay
4.5 Oral Cancer, Mercury and Periodontal Disease - New Approaches to Oral Health
4.6 Free Radicals, Cancer and other Chronic Diseases
4.7 Glutathione
4.8 Intensive Anti-Oxidant Fruit Therapy in the Treatment of Cancer
4.9 Fruit Fasting
4.10 Malnutrition, Cancer and Spirulina
4.11 Cancer & Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)
4.12 Natural Vs Synthetic - Vitamins, Minerals and Food
4.13 Sourdough Bread and Health

5 - Perfect Medicines - Pharmacology in the Age of Toxicity
5.1 Minerals for Life (Sea Minerals)
5.2 Introduction to Magnesium
5.3 Magnesium and Cancer
5.4 Magnesium and DNA
5.5 Magnesium, Calcium and Cancer
5.6 Magnesium, DHEA and Cancer
5.7 Inflammation and Systemic Stress
5.8 Medical Miracles from the Sea
5.9 Magnesium Chloride Product Analysis
5.10 Iodine: Bring Back the Universal Nutrient Medicine
5.11 Iodine and Chelation - Heavy Metals and Halogens
5.12 Nascent Iodine
5.13 Transdermal Iodine - Treatment of Skin and Breast Cancer and other Conditions
5.14 Pillars against Pathogens
5.15 Breast Cancer
5.16 Selenium
5.17 Sodium Thiosulfate
5.18 Alpha Lipoic Acid - Nutritional Drugs that Work

6 - Biogenic Medicine
6.1 Biogenic Medicine
6.2 Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine
6.3 Emotions in Cancer Medicine
6.4 A Secret Cause of Cancer - Loss of Heart
6.5 Grace of the Heart
6.6 Sex, Touch and Immune System Strength - Breast and Prostate Cancer
6.7 Ayahuasca – The Divine Wine
6.8 Medical Marijuana and Cancer
6.9 Hemp Oil Cancer Cure

7 - Waters of Life
7.1 Waters of Life
7.2 Pure Water and Pure Consciousness
7.3 Filtration and Purification Issues
7.4 Pure Water

8 - Radiation Section
8.1 Radiation at Extremely Low Levels - Causes Cancer
8.2 Medical and Public Health Implications of Uranium Contamination
8.3 DNA and Mitochondrial Time Bombs - Uranium, Mercury, Cancer and Diabetes
8.4 Uranium Causes Cancer
8.5 Silent Nuclear War
8.6 Genetic Warfare
8.7 How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium Residues, the Effects of Radiation, and Radioactive Contamination
8.8 Miso
8.9 Microwave Radiation and Wi-Fi

9 - Clinical Support
9.1 Sanctuary Online Clinic
9.2 Sanctuary Retreat Center in Brazil
9.3 Costs of Cancer Treatments

Winning the War On Cancer

E-book 850 pages

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