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Audio Visual Art and Biofeedback Systems


AudioStrobe System
We have used the concept of the visual-acoustic stimulation known from the Mind machines. Unfortunately, we soon found these stimuli to be too monotonous. Thus the idea was born to synchronize the music with visual impulses and to combine them on a high-quality sound medium such as the CD. This triggered the development of the AudioStrobe System which not only stores music on an ordinary CD but also the corresponding optical signals. These signals are transferred to the light glasses using light emitting diodes via a Nova pro 100. The light signals can be modulated very subtly, reacting to the finest of nuances; an audio-visual art is created.

"The effect is amazing! Before your inner eye unfolds a world of fantastic colors and figures moving in harmony with the changing melodies of the music which become almost physically tangible".

A similar effect can be observed in the "Pictures within Pictures" in the book "The Magic Eye" where patterns printed on the page suddenly take on three-dimensional structures.

"We soon became aware of the fact that we had developed a new medium for a synaesthetic experience of music".

Besides the various possibilities of application in entertainment, relaxation, superlearning and therapy supplements, this represents a new way for self-discovery. The abstract patterns or personal memories or visualizations are no more than a prelude, just like constantly changing scenery behind a theater's curtain.

" You can reach out beyond these colored images to access the deeper layers of your perception. This is often accompanied by extraordinary experiences".

We hope you will enjoy it and discover a world of experience with the AudioStrobe System and its programmes!

Each of the listed audio CDs contains music / programmes plus control signals.
Compatable with the following:
Nova Pro 100.
Inner Pulse

The CDs can be listened to as ordinary audio CDs.