space_distortion_1.gif (15085 bytes) SPACE DISTORTION I - Tamas Lab.
Two 30 min. Zen-like compositions create an environment for exploration and transformation of the inner space. Train your mental awareness listening to 3-D sound structures. Nr.CD CD025


tibetan_highlands.gif (20198 bytes) TIBETAN HIGHLANDS - Karma Moffet
Richard (Karma) Moffett, master musician and Tibetan scholar, combines authentic Tibetan instruments and modern keyboard performances to create light and sound journeys. Nr.CD CD017


energetik.gif (7401 bytes) ENERGETIK - Nomen Prey
Nomen Prey (also on VISIONS I) combines beautiful melodic lines with minimal music elements to multi-dimensional sound constructions, creating unique trance and relaxation music. Nr.CD CD027