From the ancient times, music is something that has put people, in touch with their inner most feelings. Different kind of music works upon different emotions of an individual, and releases the various incomplete emotions leading towards a total healing of body and mind.

The mind and body are connected. The human mind is not housed in the brain as per the conventional thought but rather; the mind is present everywhere and therefore pervades every cell of the body. What is the human mind? Mind is an aggregate of all life experiences be it pain, pleasure, hurt, anger, joy, anxiety; it could be anything.

Any positive emotion causes a cell to vibrate at a higher frequency and negative vibrations cause the cells to vibrate at lower frequency. The negative emotion is nothing but an incompletely experienced emotion. These emotions when stored in the cells of the body are the diseases.

What is music? According to the ancient thinkers, there are three aspects of music: singing, playing and dancing. All three represent rhythm, and all three represent tone in some form or other. And what is the effect of music? The effect of music is to regulate the rhythm of another person, and to tune a person to the music that is being performed.

What secret is there in music which attracts all those who listen to it? It is the rhythm which is being created. It is the tone of that music which tunes a soul and raises it above depression and despair of everyday life in this world. And if one knew what rhythm was needed for a particular individual in his trouble and despair, what tone was needed, and to what pitch that person's soul should be raised, one would then be able to heal him with music.

Often the cause of illness is within. Although, no doubt, many things are caused outwardly. No single rule will cover everything. Undoubtedly, as things have changed in the world and materialism has spread throughout the world, this has influenced things, not only in the West but in the East also. The use of music for health and healing of the soul, which was prevalent in ancient times, is not found to the same extent now. Music has been made a pastime, the means of forgetting instead of realizing.
And it is the use one makes of things which constitutes their fault or virtue.


The rhythm which is necessary for our cure is brought about by bringing the circulation of the blood into a certain rhythm and speed.

By this we learn that health is a condition of perfect rhythm and tone. And what is music? music is rhythm and tone. When the health is out of order, it means the music is out of order. Therefore, when the music is not right in us the help of harmony and rhythm is very necessary to bring us into a state of harmony and rhythm. This way of healing can be studied and understood by studying the music of one's own life, by studying the rhythm of the pulse, the rhythm of the beating of the heart and of the head. Physicians who are sensitive to the rhythm determine the condition of the patient by examining the rhythm of the pulse, the beating of the heart, the rhythm of the circulation of the blood. And to find the real complaint a physician, with all his material knowledge, must depend upon his intuition and upon the use of his musical qualities.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Sound Health Series CDs

Blending the best of art and science, ABT music explores the far-reaching effects of sound on the mind and body, founded on the principle that music is an effective tool for enhancing health & wellbeing. Each masterful recording is an unrivaled example of applied music, created to fulfill a specific purpose – from stress reduction to accelerated learning. World class performers, creative improvisations and cutting edge audio technologies ensure premium-quality recordings, all clinically verified for effectiveness.

Sound Health Series

These CDs use world class performers, imaginative compositions and improvisations and cutting edge technology to create classical masterpieces that are the finest examples of Applied Music, with each CD complement specific activities, from stress reduction to accelerated learning.

Recommended Uses for Sound Health Series CDs:

Scientific research demonstrates what many people already know: certain music helps to accelerate learning, focus attention, and enhance health. All Sound Health CDs were conceived, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by experts in the field with their application-specific purpose in mind. These experts have identified components of music and sound that produce physical and mental states conducive to specific activities. We encourage listening to The Sound Health SeriesTM in the home, school, and work environments:
To act as a filter to diminish the negative effects of sound pollution and extraneous noise.
To improve auditory tonal processing.
To enhance specific neurological functions such as learning and concentration.
To derive the positive neurological effects that can be achieved by listening to classical music.
To provide an alternative to music that may have a negative impact on the brain.
Used by many professionals to calm and relax clients and patients, i.e. doctors, therapists, dentists, counselors, teachers, etc.
Promotes mental, physical, and emotional well-being.
An excellent program to accompany and reinforce sensory integration programs and auditory therapy programs such as The Listening Program .

" Using Music in the Classroom"
An Article by Dorothy Lockhart Lawrence
Editor of PPOV

Music for Concentration – Baroque masterpieces sharpen focus and enhance mental endurance.
Designed to sharpen your focus, twelve baroque masterpieces provide the ideal mental environment known as 'Body Relaxed/Mind Alert.' This delightful recording is a subtle, non-obtrusive backdrop that heightens mental attention while stimulating the brain with beautiful high frequency sounds.
CONCENTRATION is perfect for studying, writing, office ambiance, and computer time.
Music for Thinking  – Streamlined classical compositions help you conceptualize, strategize and create.
Facilitates highly-focused mental immersion. Borrowing from the classical/romantic repertoire, re-arranged works by Beethoven, Schubert, Debussy and others enhance relaxation while stimulating the brain to improve focus. Moderated tempos and simplified musical structures make this recording a lovely companion for Music for concentration.
THINKING is ideal for room ambiance, problem solving, office work, memorization, and computer time.
Music for Learning – Baroque masterpieces and soothing nature sounds help you acquire knowledge and master new skills
Proven accelerated learning techniques incorporated into lovely arrangements of baroque masterworks increase concentration. Gentle sounds of nature, combined with inspired compositions by Bach, Vivaldi, and Corelli, provide an optimal 'Body Relaxed/Mind Alert' environment. Classroom use indicates this recording enhances task-oriented activities and projects.
LEARNING facilitates clarity, creativity, and mental alertness
Music for Productivity – Dynamic classical works give you the power to create, organize and achieve
Vital and energetic performances of 17 movements by Tartini, Telemann, Bach, Lawrence, and others. A great variety of tempi and melodic arrangements stimulate the nervous system with sonic isometrics. These ear-robics are designed for a cerebral work-out.
We suggest PRODUCTIVITY for mood elevation, energy, vitality, task completion, computer time, and wakefulness.
Music for Inspiration – Inspiring classical compositions enhance creative expression and insight.
Music for Inspiration is beautiful spacious music designed to facilitate a fresh perspective. The concept of inspiration takes many forms - a noble act, an exemplary life a divine influence. Inspiration is also defined as the drawing in of breath. The re-arranged music of Gluck, Mozart, Beethoven, Borodin, Elgar, Mascagni, Satie, and Gershwin creates space for new ideas and expanded imagination. A sonic breath of fresh air, this recording inspires. enlivens and energizes.
INSPIRATION is ideal for improved performance, creative expression, strategic thinking, finding balance, pathfinding, and joyfulness.
Music for Motivation – Inspiring peak performance, this classical CD empowers you to excel.
Music for Motivation joyously invites action. Highly organized compositions of Mozart, Handel, and friends focus minds and sharpen thinking. Many selections are simplified to give the mind room to reflect and reorganize. Violins sing, woodwinds incite, and trumpets sound the clarion call: Get the job done and have fun!
MOTIVATION is ideal for peak performance, vitality, task completion, organizing, taking action, and productivity.
Maximum Focus
Maximum Focus
Baroque masterpieces build the optimal sound environment for total concentration, precise thinking and relaxed alertness.